9 Deadly Words Used By A Woman

1) Fine
This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up.

2) Five Minutes
If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house.

3) Nothing
This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine.

4) Go Ahead
This is a dare, not permission. Don’t Do It!

5) Loud Sigh
This is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot
and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to # 3 for the meaning of nothing.)

6) That’s Okay
This is one of the most dangerous statements a women can make to a man. That’s okay means she wants to think long and hard before
deciding how and when you will pay for your mistake.

7) Thanks
A woman is thanking you, do not question, or faint. Just say you’re welcome. (I want to add in a clause here – This is true, unless she says ‘Thanks a lot’ – that is PURE sarcasm and she is not thanking you at all. DO NOT say ‘you’re welcome’ . that will bring on a ‘whatever’).

8 ) Whatever
Is a woman’s way of saying F– YOU!

9) Don’t worry about it, I got it
Another dangerous statement, meaning this is something that a woman has told a man to do several times, but is now doing it herself. This
will later result in a man asking ‘What’s wrong?’ For the woman’s response refer to #3.

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Why do we call breasts “boobs”?

[via howstuffworks] Thanks to Monday’s Boobquake, I’ve had breasts on the brain this week. Specifically, the sexualization of women’s cleavage – not to be confused with men’s “he-vage”‘ – in Western culture. According to Marilyn Yalom’s History of the Breast, women’s fashions favored d├ęcolletage throughout the Renaissance, but today it’s far more fraught with innuendo. Tracking down succinct explanations for our collective obsession with breasts and cleavage in more recent times has been a challenge, and my Internet search history would probably make my boss blush now. But surprisingly, one of the hardest questions to answer on this breast quest is where the slang term “boob” came from.

The Oxford English Dictionary (via Straight Dope) says people in the 16th century first started using “boob” and “booby” as insults for being stupid. That likely sprang from the Latin balbus, meaning stammering, which then gave way to the Spanish bobo for stupid. (On a side note, this settles why we refer to mind-numbing TVs as “boob tubes”).

So did we make a linguistic jump from dunces to D-cups? Grammarphobia, referencing the OED, cites the first instance of “booby” in reference to breasts in Henry Miller’s 1934 Tropic of Cancer: “She was lying on the ground with her boobies in her hands.” And would we expect any less from ToC?

But Miller didn’t make up the anatomy slang. The Online Etymology Dictionary dates the U.S. usage back to 1929 and traces it to the Latin puppa, or little girl. According to the site, puppa begat the German bubbi, which begat the English bubby. And Merriam Webster defines “bubby” as a vulgar slang that originated around 1675. It’s conceivable then that over time, “bubby” evolved into “booby” and was shortened to “boob”.

Initially, I assumed the etymology of boob would lead to the dunce insult, but instead it refers to little girls. And that calls to mind another slang word – skeevy.

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Why Are Windmills Always White and Have Three Blades?

The federal government has green-lighted the nation's first offshore wind farm, to be built off the coast of Cape Cod, Mass. Opponents claim that 130 white, three-bladed turbines will detract from the natural beauty of Nantucket Sound. Why do all modern windmills look the same? [via slate]

So they're unobtrusive. A windmill's noise is directly proportional to the speed of its rotor tips. Two-bladed turbines have to spin faster than their three-bladed competitors to generate the same amount of energy. As a result, the whooshing sound they emit is somewhat louder. Two-bladed windmills would be a sensible choice for a remote, offshore wind farm like the one in Cape Cod, since they're just as efficient as the three-bladed models and cheaper to produce. But manufacturers—who cater to the densely populated and wind-power-oriented countries of Europe—have switched almost exclusively to producing the latter.

The placement of rotors relative to the tower is also a design controversy with acoustics implications. The downwind design, with the tower between the blades and the wind, is more structurally sound. (Think of a pinwheel: If you don't grip it tightly, it will tend to rotate into the downwind position.) The problem is that the tower creates a dead spot for airflow, which stresses the spinning rotors and generates a repetitive whop that can carry for miles. Right now, most manufacturers favor the upwind layout.

The white paint, which many localities require by ordinance, is also a matter of aesthetics. City planners seem to think white windmills are less of an eyesore. The white also reflects sunlight, which minimizes expansion and cracking of the gel coat that protects the fiberglass composite rotors. Not all windmills are white, though. Some Midwestern turbines are yellow to match the grain. (This doesn't work so well in the spring, when the crops are green.) German windmills are sometimes painted dark green at the bottom to blend into the forest. European rotors usually have a red stripe to make them visible to aircraft. Engineers once tried painting the rotors black to absorb sunlight and prevent icing, but it didn't seem to help much.

Hollow, tubular towers have vanquished the old girder design, because they discourage birds from landing on them. (Birds and windmills don't mix.) The tubes are also favored by construction crews, who can climb up a tower to repair it from the inside, protected from the elements.

The biggest design question for most engineers is rotor length. The energy a windmill generates is proportional to the area of the rotors' circular sweep, so energy increases proportionally to the square of the blade length. However, the volume of the rotor, which determines the cost, is proportional to the cube of the length, and increases faster than energy production. As we get better at materials engineering, the rotors will get longer. But at any given time the arms of a windmill will be built out to the length that maximizes energy return relative to the cost of production. The rotors on modern windmills are sometimes as much as 200 feet long. As such, transportation can also be a problem.

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50 Germiest Things & Places in the World

Germiest Places To Work

The next time you get a bug and have to call in sick to work, it just might be your work that made you sick. Check out the below germiest jobs to see if yours is on the list and how to better your odds. [via x-raytechnicianschools]

  1. Teacher
    Another reason teachers are underrated: they get exposed to more germs short of a job that requires a hazard suit. Loads of kids, messes, and the lack of time for proper hygiene all make the classroom one of the germiest places in the world. The germiest place in the classroom? A student’s desktop. Daycare workers also fall into this category.
  2. Cashier
    If money is the root of all evil, it can also be the root of your flu if you’re a cashier. The amount of germs and bacteria found on cash can range from flu to illegal narcotics to worse. Couple this with the fact that cashiers must man their station from start to finish and rarely have time to wash, it’s no wonder that this is the number two position. Bank tellers are also at similar risk.
  3. Accountant
    Generally thought as one of the safest jobs, not so when it comes to germs. The constant passing back and forth of papers, phone calls, and desk time can make this one of the germiest jobs in America. If you’re an accountant, take more breaks, go outside, and definitely wipe down that desk.
  4. Computer Technician
    Ever wonder why your tech support guy brings his or her own keyboard and mouse? It’s probably due to the unexplained bout of flu they had. Also, being trapped in different offices several times a day with loads of different people doesn’t help either.
  5. Healthcare Professional
    This includes doctors, nurses, and even lab workers and receptionists. The reason these professions aren’t farther up the list is that they take extreme precautions to avoid the spread of germs. The germiest place to practice? Pediatrics.
  6. Police Officer
    Because suspects often carry needles along with germs, anyone who interacts with them on a regular basis, such as a police officer, is at a higher risk. In addition, when arresting a suspect, cops can also be required to search them, exposing them to even more germs. Even everyday constant interaction with the law abiding can lead to more germs.
  7. Animal Control
    Whether you work for this office, at the pound, or volunteer at a shelter, exposure to animals can be pretty germy. This is especially so if the animals you come across are strays who don’t have their shots or know how to behave around humans. Getting bitten or scratched increases risk exposure to germs. Farmers and other agricultural personnel are exposed to similar but diminished risks.
  8. Exotic Dancer
    Given the closed door nature of gentlemen’s clubs, it isn’t exactly known how bad the germs are in this profession. However, if you see any signs of flu or other illness, stay away from the club. This article from “Men’s Health” has more.

Germiest Places in the Gym

You go here to get healthy, so stay that way by avoiding these germ land mines.

  1. Dumbells
    Everyone uses them, but few wash them. Ever wonder why you get warts? If you visit the gym and hit the weights, that might be why. The best way to protect yourself? Weight lifting gloves. They also protect against calluses and help you grip the weights properly.
  2. Yoga Mats
    Although not an increasingly sweat producing exercise, yoga mats are one of the germiest places at the gym. Public ones are often used multiple times a day, dragged across the floor, and piled on top of one another. If you don’t feel like bringing your own, wipe down the one you are using.
  3. Bike Seats
    That exercise bike can give you fantastic legs, but it can also give you something more. Sometimes ridden for hours a day, they can collect loads of sweat. The good news is, your shorts are usually enough to protect you.
  4. Treadmill Hand Rails
    Because runners wipe their sweat and then grab the rails, they can be fairly germy. Also, some of the less courteous runners may choose to drench themselves in their own drinking water, leaving even more germs. But truly avid runners don’t need to touch the hand rails anyway to enjoy a run.
  5. Locker Room Showers
    Who knew a place that was constantly bombarded with hot water and soap could be so germy? However, shower walls, doors, curtains, etc. that were tested for germs usually came back positive. Yet another reason to wash your hands.
  6. Locker Room Floors
    Not to be outdone, floors in a locker room can collect innumerable amounts of germs. Sneakers, sweat, bare feet, and more all add to the collection. Makes the guy or gal wearing flip-flops in the shower look less ridiculous.
  7. Air
    Get numerous people in a crowded place to sweat and you get germs. Because energy used working out can deplete the immune system, people who are sick, starting to feel sick, or still getting over the flu should avoid the gym.

Germiest Places in the Office

One of the reasons you are getting sick from work are the items that contain germs. Check the below to see why and when you should wash.

  1. The Phone
    If you have your own private phone, there is less to worry about. But if you man a front desk, share an office, or use any kind of community phone, it often tests positive as the germiest place in the office. It gets used at all times of the day, can have saliva deposits on the receiver, and rarely gets washed.
  2. The Keyboard
    Because keyboards don’t react well to most cleaners, this can also be one of the germiest places in the office. It is constantly struck by both clean and dirty hands, even if they are your own. Janitors rarely clean keyboards either, and when they do, it’s usually a quick dust.
  3. The Mouse
    For the same reason as the above, the mouse can also be a frequent source of germs. They are also unlikely to be cleaned or even thought about unless they become sticky.
  4. The Desk
    This surface is exposed to as many germs as the above two. Hands, sneezes, and more can all end up on your desk’s surface. Doubly at risk are those who eat at their desk without wiping it down beforehand. For this reason, women’s desks were found to be dirtier than men’s.
  5. The Front Door
    Even if you work in a non-public office, everyone uses the front door at least once during their workday. This is more so if you work in a shared office building where hundreds of employees go in and out on a daily basis. If your building has a revolving door, trying entering and exiting through there using your elbow.
  6. The Candy Jar
    Every office has at least one candy lover who openly shares with everyone. A nice gesture, and when it comes to wrapped candy, a fairly sanitary practice. However, if M&M’s, Skittles, or other colorful temptations lie in wait, avoid. The number of people dipping and re-dipping into the jar can leave an unknown and hazardous amount of germs.
  7. The Trash Bin
    Ever throw something away you wish you hadn’t? Then get ready to meet a world of germs on your way to get it. This is also true of the recycle bin. The remedy as always, wash after retrieving the item and, if possible, discard the retrieved item once are done with it.
  8. The Watercooler
    Even if your co-workers don’t gather around it, they probably visit it at least once or twice a day. That makes the little spigot that gives you water quite the germ catcher. If you have a janitor, request that he or she wipes it down each day with disinfectant.
  9. The Light Switch
    This another often-used, rarely cleaned item. The germiest light switch in the office? Of course, it’s the main one that controls the lights in the common or cubicle areas.
  10. What You Write With
    Have a jar of pens on your desk that co-workers constantly give and take from? Then you can potentially have a germy place. Try keeping a pen or two out of easy reach and using them instead.

Germiest Travel Places in the World

Because travel is meant for fun or business and not getting sick, learn these germiest places to avoid.

  1. The Hotel/Motel Comforter
    The sheets and even blankets get washed every day and in between guests. However, the comforter tells its own story. It may be weeks, months, or years between washes, as they can be expensive to. Try bringing a duvet cover from home or one of these products made for just such an occasion.
  2. Hard Surfaces
    The sheets and bathrooms are cleaned before and after each guest, but the hard surfaces may not be. This includes doorknobs, the aforementioned light switch, drawer handles, and remotes. Also, putting that hotel pen in your pocket may not be a good idea either.
  3. The Whirlpool
    It may seem like a luxury offered by your hotel, but it is also one of the germiest places in the place. They have tested positive for rashes, urinary-tract infections, and even pneumonia. Your best bet is to stick to the chlorinated pool.
  4. The Conveyor Belt
    Because just about every item from all over the world has touched it, the conveyor belt amasses loads of germs. The suitcases that pass through it are also unlikely to be clean. Just another reason to go carry-on when you can.
  5. The Backpack
    Your child may love his or her backpack, but it can gather germs much like anything else a kid uses. Dragging it on the floor, grabbing it with dirty hands, and letting who knows what ride in it can make it quite the germiest place. Also, true for the bottom of the ladies’ purse or gentleman’s handbag. Luckily, many children’s backpacks are washer friendly.
  6. Blankets and Pillows
    If you’re uncomfortable in your airline seat, think twice about that pillow or blanket. It may not have been washed since the last passenger used it and can contain any number of germs. Dress heavier if you anticipate being cold on a plane and wear a scarf or jacket that can double as a pillow or blanket.
  7. The Airplane Air
    Similar to the gym, the airplane contains loads of people packed into a tiny space sharing recycled air. Adding to this is the low humidity in airplane cabins, drying the sinuses, or natural defenses, in travelers leading to the spread of more germs. The best way to avoid this is to avoid the bar and stay hydrated with bottled water.
  8. The Floor
    Ladies may be tempted to kick off those designer heels for a long flight or upon entering a hotel room. Although they are both vacuumed regularly, only a steam clean or similar wash can keep them from being one of the germiest places in the world. Better to look silly with a pair of socks than suffer a foot fungus later.

Other Germiest Places in the World

Because you encounter them in everyday life, beware of the below germiest places.

  1. The Shopping Cart
    With up to thirty or more people a day using it, it is no wonder shopping carts can collect so many germs. The driver’s hands, sneezes, raw food, and loads of other potential germ carriers come into contact with it. Doubly so if a child has sat in the seat. If the store offers antibacterial wipes, use them.
  2. The Menu
    Restaurants in all 50 states are required to adhere to strict health and sanitary standards. However, the menu is not part of that. Because many people use it a day and may not be cleaned until the end of the day, if at all, menus can be one of the germiest places in the restaurant. Another reason to wash before you eat.
  3. The ATM
    A quick source of cash, it can also be a quick source of germs. Many are located outdoors, exposing them to the elements and animals, along with all the other patrons who have used it before you. The worst offenders are those in busy places such as airports, hotels, and any other heavy traffic area.
  4. Wet Laundry
    But isn’t it clean? While some germs may have been killed during the cycle, others have used the wet environment to multiply. Remember that the wash cycle is mainly for removing stains. Be sure to throw the clothes into the dryer immediately. The hot air cycle will do the rest.
  5. Public Water Fountains
    Used by the germiest culprit, children, water fountains can be the germiest place in the school, park, etc. If your thirst outweighs your need to avoid germy places, use your sleeve to push the button and don’t touch the spigot.
  6. Playgrounds
    Following suit of the above, playgrounds are also germy for the same reasons. Multiple kids climb, play, and even occasionally put their mouths on the playground equipment. Simply make sure your child doesn’t do the latter and give them some antibacterial gel after done playing.
  7. The Tub
    Even if you wash it regularly, water collecting at the bottom can still breed germs. If you do have water collecting, grab a plunger and get unclogging. If water instantly drains, be sure to clean the tub on a regular basis.
  8. The Kitchen Sink
    We’ve discussed other germy places, so why leave this one off? With a regular host of raw food, dirty dishes, and more, the sink can accumulate a significant amount of germs with the preparation of just one meal. Clean often using antibacterial spray or bleach.

Mythical Germiest Places in the World

The below are often thought of as the germiest places, yet unrightfully so.

  1. The Toilet Seat
    Although the thought of sitting on a public toilet seat can be frightful, it actually isn’t as bad as you think. The only way to catch something from a toilet seat is to have open cuts or sores on the area touching. Germs also have a hard time surviving on bare, dry surfaces. WebMD tells you more about this along with:
  2. Bathroom Faucets
    If avoiding the faucets in the public restroom, you are doing more harm than good. Washing your hands in a public restroom prevents more germs than touching a faucet does. This is especially true if you are at a restaurant and about to eat. If still paranoid, use a paper towel to turn the faucet off after washing.
  3. The Garbage Can
    Although it can contain hazardous germs if raw food and other dangerous materials are present, your home’s garbage can isn’t as dirty as you think. It actually contains about four times less the germs than a typical bathtub. If you use a liner and wipe down on a regular basis, it isn’t as germy as previously thought.
  4. Janitor
    This job requires the cleaning of germs all day. However, with the proper precautions, it doesn’t have to be germy. Sanitary workers who wear gloves while they clean and change clothes after are exposed to a minimal amount of germs. If working at a healthcare facility or nursing home, be sure and take all the advised precautions.
  5. Your Toothbrush
    Dentists say to replace your toothbrush regularly, but is it for best results on teeth or the buildup of germs? The guys at Mythbusters ran an experiment on toothbrushes that showed they contained germs but not a dangerous amount. They also explored the myth that a toothbrush shouldn’t be placed near a toilet.
  6. Five Second Rule
    If you drop a piece of food, you have five seconds to pick it up before germs cling to it. This is the rule, and Dr. Oz agrees. If the dropped food is in your sight the whole time, go ahead. However, be warned if it is wet food such as dip, as they can collect germs instantly.
  7. Antibacterial Soap Is Better
    Most soaps nowadays say “antibacterial,” but is there any advantage to using them? The short answer is “no.” All soaps have germ killing properties and, if used properly, can rid your hands of a significant amount of them.
  8. The Hand Dryer
    It may be a greener option, but is it one of the germiest places? In actuality, the hot air from the dryer can actually kill more germs than a paper towel. However, there are negative points if you end up wiping your hands on your clothes.
  9. People Are Cleaner Than Dogs
    A good philosophy if you’re a dog. In reality dogs carry germs in their mouths just like people, but most are harmless to us. In this article from ABC, an expert actually states that he would rather be bitten by a dog than a human.

Everywhere you go, whether it’s the office, travel, or most other places, you’re going to encounter these germs. Know that washing before meals is one of the best ways to eliminate most germs. If you are concerned about the 50 germiest places in the world, ask a physician or health professional for an expert opinion.

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15 Greatest Foods for When You’re Hungover

Almost all of us who drink will fight the beast that is the hangover at some point — some of us more often than not. A pounding headache, churning stomach, and extreme thirst are the last things we want to feel in the morning after a crazy night out, but many swear by their own cures as they stumble through life, weekend after weekend. From the basic (crackers and water) to the crazy (drinking even more), we’ve sifted through all kinds of “cures.” Most of what’s out there may be completely bogus, but these are the 15 greatest foods for when you’re hungover that will make a difference.

 [via popcrunch]

Breakfast Sandwich

Image Source

The breakfast sandwich is a classic hangover food, whether your favorite is an egg McMuffin, a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit or even something homemade. There’s little to no work on your part — this grease bomb will ease your suffering. It covers the carbs and protein needed to clear your head and get back to work.


Image Source

While pho (pronounced “fuh”) may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering how to cure a miserable hangover, this Vietnamese noodle soup does wonders. The broth in pho is a constant, but there are many choices available on the meat front, though sliced rare beef and chicken are surefire, tasty choices. The winning key to pho is the broth though — it helps replace the salt and potassium your body loses by the boatload when you drink.

Macaroni and Cheese

Image Source

There’s nothing like the warmth of good comfort food, and macaroni and cheese really hits the spot when you’re hungover. It doesn’t matter if it’s from Kraft in a box or if it’s that recipe your mom sent you, macaroni and cheese is a great option. The noodles allow easy digestion and provide plenty of carbs, while the cheese gives a decent amount of protein to help your body repair all the damage you caused.


Image Source

Pizza is another classic hangover food for those that swear by the greasy cures. It’s also one of the few hangover foods that’s likely to already be on your table when you wake up. Carbs are in no short supply with pizza, though things like macaroni and cheese will give you more — but pepperoni will boost that protein and even add to the grease factor. Pizza is easy and cheap to come by — cue the stampede of college students — so we don’t see it losing its popularity amongst other hangover foods any time soon.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Image Source

Yes, it’s a simple solution, but sometimes simple is all you need. This little sandwich is a concoction of some powerhouse hangover fighters — peanut butter for protein, bread for carbs, and jelly for sugars. It’s easy on the stomach, kind to the taste buds, and extremely quick to prepare. On whole wheat, it also has the “healthy” effect on your already guilty conscience.

Full English Breakfast

Image Source

Enjoying a full English breakfast, if you have the time, is highly recommended when hungover (and even when you’re not). Breakfast sandwiches are a quick solution, but the full English breakfast will cover all your bases, and then some. A full English breakfast traditionally consists of: Bacon, eggs, fried or grilled tomatoes, fried mushrooms, fried bread or toast and sausages, black pudding, fried potato cakes, and is usually served with a mug of tea. Granted, this may not be the easiest thing to come by if you’re outside the UK and not in a big city elsewhere, but if it’s available it’s a good choice.


Image Source

Yes, really. Bananas are like nature’s own little hangover cures. Not only are bananas full of fructose (natural fruit sugar), to help with energy, they contain a nice amount of potassium. See, when you drink excessively, potassium is one of those minerals that gets depleted. Bananas are also natural antacids — which will help your nausea and stomach pain — and they also contain magnesium, which helps to relax pounding blood vessels in your head. Don’t be afraid to go the sandwich route either — peanut butter and bread only help.


Image Source

Though not the most flavorful food of the bunch, crackers can be a life saver to those folks who are so bad off that they’re unable to keep anything down. Crackers are mostly carbs — with a teensy bit of protein — and will help to calm a rowdy bout of nausea while offering some form of sustenance. It’s great to pair saltine crackers with some ginger ale or other carbonated, caffeinated beverage to both ease nausea and help with that hangover headache.


Image Source

We love to love bacon, and the Internet has pretty much gone bonkers over these slices of pork — now we have yet another reason to sing its praises. Bacon has been, yes, proven to help fight hangovers. Not only is bacon packed with proteins that break down into amino acids your body needs to recover, but the high amount of aminos contained aids in clearing your head altogether. So go ahead, make that bacon sandwich you’ve always dreamt of. It’s one case where it’s absolutely healthy to do so.

Bagel with Cream Cheese and Lox

Image Source

A warm, toasted bagel is appealing enough to the severely hungover, but add cream cheese and lox — you’ve got a winning combo. The bagel clearly satisfies the need for carbs, but the cream cheese and lox (cured salmon fillet) give a vital protein boost. If you’re not into salmon, or if your stomach can’t handle the fishy smell, then simply leave it out — the cream cheese can hold it’s own.

Chinese Take-Out

Image Source

Tried and true, any kind of Chinese take-out is usually a favorite amongst boozers. Opening up a box of Chinese take-out would reveal anything from rice or noodles to a variety of chicken, beef, pork or shrimp in greasy glory. Both rice and noodles help kick start the metabolism into gear, speeding up the digestion of that evil alcohol, while chicken, beef, pork and shrimp all contain the protein any hungover body craves.

Biscuits and Gravy

Image Source

Biscuits and gravy is another comfort food that serves as an amazing counterpart to a hangover. Again, carbs come to the rescue here — biscuits have a decent amount. The sausage gravy provides a tiny bit of protein, but loads on the fat that many find helpful in curing hangovers. It’s a heavy dish, so be wary if your stomach is feeling queasy.


Image Source

Cheeseburgers are a common choice when asking for favorite hangover foods, but the McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger — and many other varieties — seem to win (just ask for a Drunk Special). Though the buns provide some carbs, we suspect that the greasiness (instead of the meat protein) is what does it for most people. They’re cheap and fast, so if you’re not queasy, a cheeseburger is the way to go.

Mexican Food

Image Source

Mexican food can be anything from Taco Bell and frozen burritos, to real Mexican food, like fresh Chicken Mole or Menudo. The key with Mexican food is that it’s dense, sometimes greasy, and packed with protein and carbs. While Taco Bell and frozen burritos seem to be the safer choices, if you’d rather fight evil with a greater evil, Menudo (tripe soup) will do just the trick.


Image Source

Alright, so water isn’t exactly a food, but it is the thing you need when fighting a hangover. No matter what foods you choose to help combat your churning stomach and pounding head, water is still the ace in the hole. Drinking alcohol drains your body of all sorts of things, and that headache you’re feeling has a lot to do with a bad case of dehydration. So make it easier on yourself and drink water before you pass out, keep it next to your bed, and keep drinking it in the morning. If plain old water isn’t your thing, try some fortified water, like Vitamin Water or Gatorade. However you dress it up, the water is the key, so get drinking.

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A Dream Come True: Play As Megaman/Link in Super Mario World

Play as Megaman, Link, Samus & other Ninetndo characters in Super Mario Crossover [Flash game]

Send the wife and kids to bed and then head on over to PlayedOnline.com

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Top 10 Best office Pranks of All-Time

The office hijinx in movies like Look and Office Space pale in comparison to the crazy office cubicle capers we've found on YouTube. From stuffing a workspace full with packing peanuts to creating an entire office environment out of cardboard, these videos are sure to give you some creative ideas to welcome back that co-worker who got to vacation in Hawaii while you had to cover her phone and take care of her clients.

1. Magazine Mosh Pit

Co-workers capture the entire process on camera, from creating a cubicle moshpit by ripping out magazine pages one-by-one, to showing the punked co-worker diving into the magazine mayhem.

2. This Stunt is Nuts!

A worker is none too pleased to find packing peanuts stuffed into her cubicle.

3. Foiled Again!

Co-workers carefully cover every part of the cubicle in aluminum foil.

4. In the Spirit of Giving -- All Wrapped Up

The office practical jokers get into the spirit of giving, by gift-wrapping everything in holiday paper - even the chair.

5. Cardboard Cure for Boredom

Call it creative: employees cut out a cardboard office: complete with a computer and pressed-paper fridge.

6. Shrink-Wrapped and Ready

It's one thing to cover a phone with cellophane - it's quite another to create a roof that makes the occupant have to stoop over to get to his desk.

7. Note to Self: Hide the Post-Its Next Time

The guy punked with post-it notes makes this video with his reaction to his covered cubicle.

8. Cup O' Crazy

Carefully aligned cups cover the cubicle - the poor punked worker will need a double espresso to clear out his office space.

9. Pop! Goes the Vacation Buzz

A worker is speechless when she sees her cubicle packed with balloons.

10. Headline -- Cubicle Gets Covered

At least this co-worker can catch up on all the news he missed on vacation.

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Flat-Panel TVs in the U.S. [info graphic]

[via kiplinger] Prices on big-screen flat-panel TVs have taken a steady plunge in the U.S. since the first plasmas went for over $10,000 in the late nineties. But that's for no lack of quality or demand. The latest lines of big-screen LCD and plasma sets offer consumers a better bang for their buck than ever before. And as we have explained previously, if you want to keep some extra cash in your pocket this spring you can even take advantage of deals on last year's high-end models as retailers make room for the 2010 lineup. The below infographic takes a closer look at current and future trends of the flat-panel TV trade in the United States.

The Evolution Of U.S. Health Care Plans

Click for Entire Graphic

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Australian town forced to import sperm from US

THE QUEENSLAND city of Townsville has turned to the US for sperm donations as Australia faces a critical shortage, the Townsville Bulletin reports.

Queensland Fertility Group, the largest fertility clinic in Townsville, 1300 kilometers from Brisbane, pays more than $700 an ampule for sperm imported from the U.S. [via hearldsun]

In the past, clinics used to rely on university students who were short on cash to donate sperm but these days not enough north Queensland men, or even Australian men, are prepared to donate.

Infertility specialist Dr Ron Chang attributed this decline to recent changes to the law that mean sperm donors have to be contactable once the child they helped to conceive turns 18.

"All the donors stopped coming forward because they didn't want a knock on the door in 18 years time," he said.

"I think children should have the right to know their biological parents, but it has a knock-on effect."

New South Wales' largest clinic, IVF Australia, launched an online advertising campaign with tag lines such as: "You've got millions to spare, we only need one."

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30 Awesome Minimalist Superhero Posters

Continue Reading over at ScreenRant.com

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Tiny Apartment Transforms into 24 Rooms [vid]

In Hong Kong, because of the space, apartments are small and expensive. Gary Chang, an architect, decided to design a 344 sq. ft. apartment to be able to change into 24 different designs, all by just sliding panels and walls. He calls this the "Domestic Transformer.

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60 Unintentionally Offensive Business and Product Names

When it's time to name your company or product, if you don't account for all of the possible double entendres, misreadings, misspellings and language and cultural translations, this could happen to you... [via businessadministration]

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24 Awesome PS3 Mods, Concepts and Designs

PS3 sure is one of the most coveted consoles of our times, and there is a very good reason for that. Most people prefer the PS3 or PS3 Slim to play games, and it is the most universally used console in the whole wide world. [via ps3maven]

Since so many millions of people use the PS3, you may not want your PS3 to look the same. In that case, you will have to go ahead and mod it to suit your taste and needs. Here are some really cool and weird PS3 mods that would jazz up the mundane PS3 into something else.

Damnation Steampunk PS3 Mod


What could be better than turning the PS3 into a sort of Steampunk device? If you always had that wish, you could take a look at this cool Damnation Steampunk Mod that is not only attractive but also quite interesting.

Real Alien PS3 Mod


If you always liked the Alien vs Predator series, you would certainly love this macabre Alien PS3 Mod that is almost mangled. It was created using various Alien inspired parts and it is really very convincing!

Alien Chestbuster Cyborg PS3 Mod


Here is another Alien Cyborg PS3 Mod that completely blows your mind away. However, it is not as scary as the previous one, but is still not fit for children who like to play video games.

Extreme PS3 Slim Portable Gaming with an Epson Projector


If you wanted to take geeky behavior to the next step, try the PS3 Slim Epson Projector Gaming. It is a wearable system that would make you a walking talking gaming console. You could have everything placed within your body and view the scene on a projected screen.

Portable PS3 Mod


If you thought the PS3 can never be taken from one place to another, think again. Here is a PS3 Portable Mod that would completely change the way we play video games.

PS3 Slim Laptop


The PS3 Slim Laptop has been created by Benheck, the acclaimed hacker. This laptop can be used to play video games in the most convenient manner possible. If you would like one, you could contact Benheck.

Far Cry 2 PS3 Mod


Far Cry 2 is one of the best action and violence oriented games, and it is hugely popular across Asia and South America. This Far Cry 2 PS3 Mod would appeal to all the fans of the game, who have been trying desperately to customize their favorite console to resemble their favorite game.

Microwaved PS3


For those who have a lot of cash and do not know what to do with it, you could go ahead and buy a PS3 and microwave it! If you would like to know what happens when you cook your PS3, take a look at this picture!

Homicide PS3 Mod


Those who are always obsessed with blood and gore would love the Homicide PS3 Mod which would make anyone assume that a murder had taken place nearby.

PS3 Mod with Xbox 360


Though most PS3 fans would hate to talk about Xbox 360, and talking about other consoles is almost a taboo, getting a console that has the PS3 cover and an Xbox inside is something that I would say is outrageously cool. This is a daring and fun concept.

Wood Themed PS3 Mod


The many Sony fans who wished for a stylish PS3 but were tired of the same old look, try out and get the Wood Themed PS3 Mod, which actually looks quite stylish. It is one of the best designs that I have come across so far.



If you are the kind of person who likes LEDs a lot, here is how you could Mod Your PS3 with LEDs. The mod looks absolutely fantastic and glows the night away!

PS3 Console Concepts

Now apart from the mods, there are also some serious concepts being designed, which almost make you want to mod your real PS3 slim or PS3 into one of these concepts.

Sony Playstation Nano Blue Sky Project


The Sony Playstation Nano Blue Sky Project is a realistic concept that aims to create a gaming atmosphere that is almost realistic. It is a great design and comes with several options.

PS3 Slim Concept


Before the PS3 Slim was born, many people desperately needed something that worked just as good as the PS3 but something that was smaller and slimmer. This concept here is one of those ideas and concepts.

Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Mod

final fantasy 13-ps3-mod

This may not be a concept but it almost is like one, for it is difficult to do the same thing in real life. This designer has created a great Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Mod.

Sony Playstation Enso Concept


The Enso Concept is a conceptual PlayStation console that can be stuck to the ceiling. It comes with advanced graphics and motion sensing capabilities.

Flat Body PS3


Now that the PS3 Slim is here, not many people worry about its slimness. However, the PS3 Flat Body was one of the concepts that were unveiled hoping for a slimmer and better PS3. It has a novel shape and design and was created by Miguel Duarte.

PS4 Concepts

Now we all know that there has to be a PS4 sometime in future. PS3 Slim is getting pretty old too. So how would a PS4 look? These are two of the cooler PS4 Concepts.

PS4 Touchscreen Glass Concept


This PS4 Concept comes with a touchscreen glass panel which makes it really chic and ultra-modern.

PS4 Controller Handle: Project Cobra


Project Cobra is a futuristic design that is so impeccable that I suspect it would ever become reality. Read more about it, and stay inspired!

PS3 Skins

For the many fans who desired a different look for their PS3 but didn’t dare to try much, you could just get a skin to cover your Playstation.

Assassin’s Creed II PS3 Slim Skin


The Assassin’s Creed II PS3 Slim Skin is a great way to show your personality, and what you like amidst the sea of games.

Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Slim Edition


Though this is not exactly a skin, it is dedicated to the fans of Final Fantasy XIII and it sure looks delicate and chic, unlike gaudy skins that look terrible usually.

Custom Color PS3 Slim Mod


If you have always been wanting to get yourself a rather cool mod, you could try the Custom Color PS3 Slim Mod which would make your console different from the rest of the gamers’ consoles. It surely makes things really customized!

Tekken PS3 Skins


Tekken fans would sure love this Tekken PS3 Skins, which were used by Namco Bandai for the purpose of marketing. Unfortunately they are not available easily.

Shadow the Hedgehog PS3 Mod


Shadow the Hedgehog is one of the most popular characters and he is not only cute but incredibly fun. This Shadow the Hedgehog PS3 Mod is a great gift to anyone who loves this character.

These concepts, mods and hacks prove that PlayStation consoles are among the best and there is a great future for these consoles. It is only a matter of time before we see who is the successor to PS3 Slim.

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