60 Unintentionally Offensive Business and Product Names

When it's time to name your company or product, if you don't account for all of the possible double entendres, misreadings, misspellings and language and cultural translations, this could happen to you... [via businessadministration]

Ainol (Chinese media player)

A.S.S.  Concert
A.S.S. Concert & Promotion (Hamburg, Germany)

Asshoe  shoes
Asshoe shoes

Ayds diet  candy
Ayds diet candy

Beaver Cleaners
Beaver Cleaners (Ontario, Canada)

Big  Dick's Halfway Inn
Big Dick's Halfway Inn (Gravois Hills, Missouri)

Big  Nuts
Big Nuts (Belgian chocolate bar)

Bunghole Liquors (Peabody, Massachusetts)

Butt Drilling
Butt Drilling well drillers (Blenheim, New Zealand)

Butt Solicitors
Butt Solicitors law firm (Luton, England)

Cat's  Hit
Cat's Hit (German cat toy)

Chewy Balls restaurant
Chewy Balls restaurant (Houston, Texas)

Cumming First United Methodist Church
Cumming First United Methodist Church (Cumming, Georgia)

Fart  (Polish juice)
Fart (Polish juice)

Fartfull kids' workbench
Fartfull kids' workbench (from Ikea)

Flavors of Negros restaurant (Negros, Philippines)

Fourskin clothing store
Fourskin clothing store (Asian chain based in Singapore)

Fu King  restaurant
Fu King restaurant (Lake City, Florida)

Fuku-Sushi  restaurant
Fuku-Sushi restaurant (San Francisco, California)

Gay-Cut  hair salon
Gay-Cut hair salon (Bangkok, Thailand)

The Golden Shower Restaurant
The Golden Shower Restaurant (Moshi, Tanzania)

Great  Head hair salon
Great Head hair salon (Chicago, Illinois)

Hand  Job Nails
Hand Job Nails & Spa (San Francisco, California)

Homo Sausage
Homo Sausage (Japanese sausage)

Hore's  Stores clothing store
Hore's Stores clothing store (Wexoford, Ireland)

i.Beat blaxx
i.Beat blaxx (German Mp3 player)

Jussipussi (Finnish bread rolls)

Kids Exchange
Kids Exchange consignment store

KKK Supermarket
KKK Supermarket (Finnish grocery store chain)

Kum Den  Bar
Kum Den Bar & Restaurant (Melbourne, Australia)

Kuntz  Insurance Group
Kuntz Insurance Group (Brookhaven, Pennsylvania)

Lick-A-Chick Restaurant
A&K Lick-A-Chick Restaurant (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Locum (Swedish real estate company that made the mistake of changing the "o" to a heart for a Christmas ad in the '90s.

Lovejuice (British juice bar)

Mammoth Erection
Mammoth Erection scaffolding company (Ontario, Candada)

McPussy (Argentinan sponge)

Mr. Cock  children's clothing store
Mr. Cock children's clothing store (Bariloche, Argentina)

Muff  Diving Club
Muff Diving Club (Muff, Ireland)

Nad's hair  removal
Nad's (Australian hair removal products)

OMFG: Official Meeting Facilities Guide magazine

Pussies  and Bitches Petshop
Pussies & Bitches Petshop & Grooming Salon (Pasig City, Philippines)

Pee  Cola
Pee Cola (Ghanaian soda)

Penis Safe-T-Furnace
Penis Safe-T-Furnace

Phat  Phuc Noodle Bar restaurant
Phat Phuc Noodle Bar restaurant (London, England)

Poon  Palace restaurant
Poon Palace restaurant (Sweden)

Powergenitalia.com: domain registered by Italian battery company Powergen Italia

Raper  Realty
Raper Realty (Murphy, North Carolina)

Retardex (British bad breath toothpaste)

McCoy Maintenance's emergency phone number: 1-888-R-YOU-WET (Eastpointe, Michigan)

S.H.I.T.:  Servicio de Hosteleria Industrial de Terraassa
S.H.I.T.: Servicio de Hosteleria Industrial de Terraassa (Terrassa, Spain)

Shitto (Ghanaian pepper sauce)

S.L.U.T.:  South Lake Union Trolley
S.L.U.T.: South Lake Union Trolley (Seattle, Washington)

Sogay (Peruvian bottled water)

The  Spankme Building
The Spankme Building (San Mateo, California)

S.T.D. Central Flea Market
S.T.D. Central Flea Market (Springfield, Missouri)

Touch  Dic
Touch Dic(tionary) (Korean dictionary software)

T.W.A.T.:  Total War Against Piracy Theft
T.W.A.T.: Total War Against Piracy Theft (Nigerian anti-piracy effort)

Vergina  beer
Vergina (Greek beer)

Wack  Off!
Wack Off! (Australian insect repellent)

Young Dong Restaurant
Young Dong Restaurant (Los Angeles, California)

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