The 6 Best Deep-Fried Turkey Disaster Videos

 Today's Thanksgiving, and a whole bunch of people are going to just toss a frozen turkey willy-nilly into a deep fryer, film the exploding fireball that results, and post it on YouTube. (For which we, of course, are very thankful.)
Most likely, you're doing it wrong and should probably stick the bird in the oven. Word to the wise: if you absolutely must fry a turkey, defrost it completely and make sure to dry it inside and out before dunking it in oil.
Here now, in order of least to most scary house-destroying awesomeness, the best deep-fried turkey disaster videos we could find:

6: Flameball with Playground

5: Practice Round

4: What Happens When You Add Water to a Grease Fire?

Warning: suspected Canadian turkey fryers.

3: How Do We Put It Out?

Technically a Christmas Eve fried turkey.

2: Use the Fire Extinguisher!

1: Turkey Flameball 2007

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