36 Sneaky Hidden Compartments [pics]

Everyone has secrets, but where are they hidden? The physical ones, we mean. Instead of painstakingly carving 600 pages out of The Iliad, check out these 36 super sneaky hidden compartments that will have you looking at everyday objects with a suspicious eye for days to come. [via]

So nobody will find out you read Twilight.
A nice suede-lined compartment in a coffee table.
This secret drawer just looks like a divider between its two non-secret brothers.
This stump-like drawer set would be great for hiding jewelery or woodland creatures.
Great for hiding excess magazines or a ninja costume.
To open it you gently stroke the third pine from the right.
A sneaky extra compartment can be found in this wall-mounted shelf.
This bed is great for hiding adulterous lovers at short notice.
An antique spy cork for passing hidden messages and propositions for rendezvous.
Don't watch this space.
A very sneaky invention
I'd hide a mini flyswatter in there.
A shockingly clever hiding spot.
For the lazy secretive person.
This bookcase is a secret compartment with tea for two.
This old-fashioned clock radio is more than meets the eye (and ear).
Robbers won't have the time to look here for valuables.
The classic hollowed out book.
Great idea, but could we go with a less suspicious name than 'Spector'?
WARNING: Do not hide chocolate in these candles. I learned the hard way. No one wants a melted Chunky Bar.
Socket to would-be thieves with this clever hiding spot.
This secret compartment(:) rocks
Why is all the jewelery hidden in these things so 80s-looking?
Case in point.
A cool secret drawer in a bedpost.
Is this really a good hiding spot for sensitive information? People do steal dollars...
A little birdy told me you're hiding something.
A potentially inflammatory hiding spot.
Discouraging smoking in every way possible.
A convenient compartment for secret information.
This hidden compartment is growing on us.
A cool coffee table with a bevy of hidden compartments.
Over 20 compartments?! Talk about bang for your buck!
A good way to checkmate would-be thieves.
This craftsman has been well-trained in the art of making hidden compartments.
Inside the car is hidden a Harley, inside which is a bike, inside which is a unicycle, and so on.

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