The 20 funniest real names people have [pics]

I wonder what their parents were thinking? Hmm let's make our child a target for life with this name! Let’s just point and laugh and wonder, shall we? [via heavy]

Worst Name  Chew Kok

I can’t imagine that being very comfortable.

Worst  Name Jed I Knight

This is just a horrible thing to do to a kid. “Michael Knight” I can understand, but after the Star Wars prequels a Jedi is the last thing anybody should aspire to be.

Worst  Name Gaye Males

Just how open is this open house exactly?

Worst Name Judy Graham Swallows

She’s got my vote!

Worst Name Charley Willard Horse Dick

This seems a little bit like wishful thinking, but who am I to judge another family’s values? And he was 20 1/2 inches long…

Worst  Name Robert Fagot

Never been married? Really? Who wouldn’t want to be Mrs. Fagot?

Worst Name  Mahboobeh

I’m sure this is a very dignified Middle Eastern name but seriously: wear the name tag somewhere else. You’re making it too easy for me.

Worst  Name Mister Love

I can seriously think of no more appropriate name for a sex offender than “Mister Love.” This guy was born to do what he does.

Natalia Vagina

I don’t know what this Russian lady does for a living, but with a name like Natalia Vagina it’s a safe bet she doesn’t work as a dental hygienist.

Mike  Litoris

There is the off chance that this guy gave a fake name to the local news goons, but if he didn’t, he’s the punchline to about a million dirty jokes.

Worst  Name Rusty Kuntz

I probably could have done a “20 Worst Names In Sports” – Dick Butkus, Lucious Pusey, Misty Hyman, Dick Trickle – but Rusty Kuntz stands supreme.

Worst  Name Oliver Loser

This seems like a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy. He might as well be named “Al Gore.”

Worst Name  Jack Goff

This guy probably gets prank calls like you read about.

Worst Name Dumas And McPhail

So many jokes, so little time. How did this dumas pass the barre exam? That’s one to get you started.

Worst  Name Willie Stroker

You know, it’s probably a good thing that this dude is a judge. Otherwise he’d be up there with Mister Love evading arrest.

Worst  Name BJ Cobbledick

If that C was a G we’d have the most transcendent bad name in human history, but even as it stands it’s remarkably horrible.

Worst  Name Anass Afadass

I can’t see going through life with the name “An Ass, A Fat Ass” being anything but humiliating. I can’t imagine a worse name.

Worst  Name Anass Rhammar

I stand corrected.

Worst  Name Jesus Condom

The thing is, if your last name is “Condom,” there’s not really anything that’s going to make it any better. So why not just shoot for the moon and go with Jesus?

Worst Name  Batman Bin Suparman

I take everything back. This guy owns.

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