Shocking Car Crash Footage Shows Father Taking Full Impact to Save Baby

We love a hero, but in our time reporting on worldwide acts of heroism, few reach the level achieved by Andrew Leich. [via asylum]

The Aussie father was captured on CCTV clinging desperately to his son Haydn after taking the full impact of car smashing into him and a shop front.

Amazingly, the baby escaped without a scratch, but Mr. Leich's elderly parents were tossed across the foyer. Despite a long period in a critical condition in hospital, both have now recovered.

The shocking sequence was captured on a security camera near Sydney, Australia. The 82-year-old driver had a heart attack and careened her car at almost 45 mph into the Leich family.

"I was thinking I can take the hit. I can repair, but there's no way my son is going to repair," said Andrew. Keep reading to see the amazing video.

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