Bad Driveway Design FAIL (pic)

garage, DIY disaster
Photo: Max Curtis of MaxInspect in Livermore, CA

This driveway is ideal for the four-wheeling enthusiast who wants to bring his hobby home -- and he'll need to if he expects to get his car into this garage!

This garage entrance arrangement even has me stumped; who builds a garage with no intention of ever driving into it? The only possibility that comes to mind is that this garage was used as the sales office for a housing development, although the entry isn't exactly the greatest selling point for model home design.

On the other hand, if this garage is meant for its traditional purpose, let's hope the owner at least drives an SUV or an all-terrain vehicle!

For this garage to be usable, the retaining walls lining the driveway will have to be rebuilt and the driveway itself will have to be raised to garage-entry level.

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