25 Funniest Album Covers Ever Made

1. Saveta Jovanovic - Lazone Je,Lazono,Sve Sto Je Tvouje

After having the misfortune of coming across this album cover, I am now forced to reconsider my preference for “natural women”. Eat your heart out Susan Boyle. [via elistmania]


Herbie Mann - Push Push

This guy married a certain miss Saveta Jovanovic and they lived happily ever after.


The Faith Tones - Jesus Use Me

Using these three would be the real test of faith.


Riot - Narita

Riot Narita

Yeap, that’s an ax-murdering, man-eating Wereferret in Sumo attire being chased by FBI.


The Swine Flu Mixed Tape

Sorry but I would prefer to die rather than live in a post apocalyptic world of rappers.


Goblin Cock - Bagged and Boarded

With such a well endowed goblin on the cover and songs like “The Werewomb”, this is definitely going to be interesting.


Alla Pugatjova - Superman, Every Night and Every Day

A Transylvanian superman with superhuman powers of tomfoolery.


William Hung - Hung for the Holidays

Mr. William notsowellHung decided to use his extremely limited graphic art skills for this one. Could have done with some photoshopping on the teeth.


Trina - Da Baddest B***H

This bad b***h is sure to bring any dead organ back to life.



The extremely rare Dustin Hoffman LP


Top Dog - Slam Dunk’n Hoes

Because now we have had enough of women being used only as sexual objects.


Richard and Willie - Funkey Honkey, Nasty Nigger

The belief that ANYONE can make it big in Hip Hop is not an overstatement sir.


Millie Jackson - E.S.P.

Perhaps the most distorted and unerotic view of female breasts ever photographed. Looks like she could fit that crystal ball between those jaws.


The Handsome Beasts - Bestiality

Good to put any sicko off his animal fetishes


Millie Jackson - Back to the S**t

Millie Jackson decided that her magnified breasts were not sick enough. Damn, those are some unlucky flowers.


Metallica - Metal up your ass

This will surely fix Millie Jackson’s bowel troubles.


Tony Tee - Time to get Physical

I hope after this imprudent attempt at bodybuilding and music, he decided it was time to get sensible.


Warrior - The Battle has started

The Battle has started

Fat Christian rock musicians in horrible Kiss makeup and songs like “I want a Walmart Girl”. Instant Win!


Igor and Natasha

Igor and Natasha

Look what the walrus caught.


Norberto de Freitas

I bet no matter how hard you try, you will never look as ridiculous as this guy.


The Louvin Brothers - Satan is Real

Satan is Real

Another masterclass of creative artwork in Christian music. I guess Satan would be pretty pissed if he saw his depiction.


Torment - Beastial Sex

A leatherbound German metalhead was probably the last thing this tormented cow expected up her bottom.


Trick Daddy

An early version of Thugscape before it became Thugzilla. The latest version also incorporates a Thugtionary.


Don & Seymore

Don Feat. Seymour, The Lockness Monster


Swamp Dogg - The Re-Invention of Swamp Dogg

Swamp Dogg

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