11 Things You Didn't Know You Could Watch on Webcam

It's a fact that everyone loves the PuppyCam, except for those few people with an abnormal hatred of puppies. (And, frankly, we don't speak to those people.) [via asylum]

But PuppyCam isn't the only cam out there to take precious time away from your job and loved ones. Oh no, there's plenty more weird stuff to stare at, from leprechauns to the inside of some dude's fridge.

1. Grass
Remember how fascinated you used to be when you'd step outside in the springtime and be surrounded by grass all growing and whatnot? And you'd just stand there and stare for hours on end?

That thrill has been recaptured over at Watching Grass Grow where you can, you know, watch grass grow. Keep reading for bizarre and mundane webcam subjects.

2. Leprechauns

Because the Irish have been fed up with fairy folk for ages, they've set up a security net to catch the little buggers and their pots of gold.

If you feel inclined to help out, check out the leprechaun cam and drop the owners a message should you catch sight of something. Just watch out if it turns out to be a leprechaun like in the movie, because odds are he'll make a really bad joke, then kill you.

3. Statue of Liberty

Sure, it's one of the biggest landmarks in all of the U.S. and a great tourist attraction. But if you can't make it to NYC and still want to make sure that giant, green French Lady is standing where we left her, you can check in on cam.

As a bonus, if she's ever not there, there's probably a wicked reward if you let someone know.

4. Roaches

Speaking of cuddly, the University of South Carolina is more than happy to give you a glimpse into the fascinatingly awful world of hissing cockroaches.

When you log in, you may be convinced it's simply a still image but rest assured, if you constantly refresh, you see those creepy little buggers darting all over the place.

5. Peeling Paint

For the more discerning viewers who find the excitement of roaches and leprechauns too intense, there's the peeling-paint cam.

Is it as exhilarating as watching the grass grow? Why not open two windows and compare?

6. Wedding chapel

Romance isn't dead, and neither are poor decision-making skills, as proven by this webcam pointed directly at a wedding chapel in Las Vegas.

Now you can share a special moment with strangers who probably need video evidence to remember the wedding even happened.

7. Some dude's house

If you're more into the voyeur aspect of webcams but don't want to commit to paying $2.50 a minute for something sexy and exciting, then this might be what you're looking for.

It's some dude's house. In the kitchen, in the dining room, in the living room, out back, whatever works for you.

8. Tattoo cam

For those who like "Miami Ink" but are put off by the hot women and glitzy atmosphere, Joe's Body Art will give you the same basic experience, only with a stationary camera and presumably none of the ridiculous drama.

9. Snowmen

Do snowmen do anything mysterious when no one is watching? This camera answers that question for you, and if you can't be bothered to look then we'll answer for you.

No. They mostly just sit there, being inanimate and all.

10. Bubbles
Mixing the thrill of a backyard with the thrill of bubbles is the bubble cam. Press the button and watch bubbles fly in front of the camera.

Admittedly, if you were just doing this live with no camera, you'd either be a 6-year-old or severely disturbed, but toss technology into the mix and suddenly it's fascinating.

11. Fridge cam

In the same vein as the paint peeling and grass growing is the fridge cam. It shows you what's in the fridge somewhere in Japan.

A photo archive also indicates this is pretty much just a still image but whatever, is it any worse than roach

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