Woman finds six double yolk eggs in one box beating trillion-to-one odds

The chances of cracking open a double yolked egg are pretty slim. One tenth of one per cent in fact. [via dailymail]

So imagine the odds of going through a half-dozen box from the supermarket and finding that all of them had two yolks.

Fiona Exon has done exactly that. The art gallery owner was preparing scrambled eggs for Sunday breakfast when she started cracking the eggs.

As each one turned out to be double-yolked, she went from being pleasantly surprised to shocked.

Understandably - because the odds of a whole box of six being so is supposedly one in a trillion.

Miss Exon, who lives in the Eden Valley in Cumbria, said: 'We bought a half dozen eggs from Morrisons and when I started to crack them to make scrambled eggs I was astounded when the first was a double-yolker. Found this Post interesting? Receive new posts via RSS (What is RSS?) or Subscribe to CR by Email

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