Banker viewing topless women caught out on Australian TV [sfw vid]

A banker was caught logging on to look at pictures of topless women in his office - not realizing a television news reporter was speaking live to camera just a few feet away.

The worker was sat at his desk at Australia's Macquarie Bank with his back to the camera as he looked at the images, apparently totally oblivious to the business analyst breaking news about interest rates in front of him. [via telegraph]

One of the pictures has been identified as actor Orlando Bloom's model girlfriend, Miranda Kerr.

The incident was screened on Australian television on Channel 7's Sunrise show on Tuesday morning and was posted on Youtube within two hours.

As the bank's private wealth spokesman Martin Lakos reveals that official interest rates are remaining unchanged at 3.75 per cent, his colleague strolls into view and sits down.

He immediately brings up a page of a topless woman, then goes back to share charts.

As a colleague chats to him from the other side of his screen, he flicks between photos of girls and financial news, before turning and finally seeing the camera behind him.

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