Review of Chase Freedom® Visa - $100 Bonus Cash Back

I personally have the Chase Freedom® Visa - $100 Bonus Cash Back, and in this review, I will reveal the full scoop on his rewards program

Rewards - This card has been through several changes in their rewards. Compared to what other cards are offering now, I must say that the rewards are actually not bad. You can choose to redeem your rewards for cash or other rewards. At its core, you earn 1% rebate (or 1 point depending on how you look at it) for every dollar that you spend on the card. You can earn unlimited rebates. But if all this card were to give was 1%, then it wouldn't be very good. But there is a lot more.

Rotating Categories - Rather than paying more than 1% on certain expenses like it used to, this card now pays 5% rebates on categories on a 3 month rotating basis. For example, in spring, the categories were home improvement, lawn and furniture purchases. From June till September, it is travel, hotel, car rentals and gasoline purchases. You can earn rebates on up to $400 in spending.

Discounts at merchants' online store - Chase has taken a leaf from Discover and now offers cardholders the chance to shop on their online shopping portal and get discounts (or rebates) when they shop through their Chase account. Shopping through the Chase account allows the merchants and Chase to track your purchases and give you the rebates. Below are screenshots of their merchant partners.

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