Best Buy exec denied first-class seat because he looked like a scrub

Apparently there is a dress code if you want to fly first class on United Airlines. Even if you are a Best Buy executive. [via citypages]

Armando Alvarez, a corporate vice president for Richfield's electronics retail giant, said he upgraded to first class using his miles Oct. 26. He was on a flight from Dulles to Connecticut.

When he arrived at the gate and walked up to the counter, the agent told him he couldn't fly first class because he was dressed too casually. He was wearing a tracksuit. And let's be clear here: It was a Puma track suit. He says he packs his suits so they don't get wrinkled during the flight.

Alvarez says he isn't looking for compensation, but wants to call out United for his embarrassment.

"If this happened to me and I'm a United Airlines Red Carpet Club member then I believe it's happening to other people and this must stop," Alvarez said on Fox.

Watch the video interview below.
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