12 worst parking error videos on YouTube

Every motorist has misjudged a parking manoeuvre at some point in their lives. Here are 12 car park howlers that might help wash away the embarrassment.

1. Best bit: The moment of deliberation while the driver considers the options. Call the police? Wait for the owner to return? Or, as they ultimately decided, crawl towards the exit and hope no-one else noticed their epic double park.

2. Best bit: Not the woman driver's repeated false moves, or even the frustrated man's grumpy intervention. No, the real stars of the clip are the passersby who tried to make themselves useful by waving vaguely in the direction the parking space.

3. Best bit: The hand-over-mouth shock of the front seat passenger as everyone in the car contemplates the crushed barrier beneath the wheels.

4. The panicked protests of the mechanic as he spots the impending fall.

5. Best bit: After a "difficult" 50 seconds spent inching delicately out of the space, the driver gives it up as a bad job and zooms straight back in.

6. Best bit: The moment the driver realised he had mistimed the stunt, and allowed himself to be lifted up on to the bonnet.

7. Best bit: The sudden and satisfying splash

8. Best bit: The baffled pacing of the portly shopper, who avoided being hit by a matter of inches.

9. Best bit: While not a parking error per se, this clip provides succour to nervous drivers who know that the worst crashes are caused by recklessness rather than excessive caution.

10. Best bit: The driver seems finally to have completed their tortuous escape from the car park when they plough back into view smash into a stationary vehicle.

11. Best bit: The terrified dog that hurtles across the screen as the driver bashes into every possible obstacle.

12. Best bit: When the driver was helped out of the car, alive. A particularly horrifying accident given the relatively slow speed at which the car was travelling.

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