Mom Demands Do-Over for Yearbook

A Florida mother is demanding that her daughter's high school recall and reprint its yearbook because the teen, a junior, may have inadvertently exposed herself in a club photo.
The yearbooks came out Monday, and talk of the photo took the school by storm, according to a report by WTSP-TV in Tampa Bay, Fla. [via aol]

Check out CNN video here.

"It's ridiculously embarrassing," said the girl, who wasn't named in the news report. She explained that she didn't wear panties the day the photo was taken because she didn't want her panty lines to show.
The teenager hasn't been back to school since the yearbooks were issued. Her mother wants them destroyed. "I don't want any yearbooks out there with this photo in it -- because it's going to follow her," she said.
But the school doesn't believe it has to reprint the books. "We don't believe there's an exposure in the yearbook. It's a shadow," school spokeswoman Linda Cobbe told WTSP.

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