16 Most Horrific Human Growths of All Time

What’s the worst you’ve ever felt? After seeing what the people below have suffered and gone through, you might have a whole new perspective of what’s really bad. All of these people have had some sort of abnormal growth that became ridiculous and extreme. Some have had surgery to correct these anomalies, while there is no cure or help available for others. [via manolith]

Man with No Face


Jose Mestre suffers from haemangioma, a condition that causes abnormalities in the capillaries and veins in his face. Blood pools in his face, which has caused him to develop a huge weeping facial tumor. He is commonly called “The Man with No Face.” He has refused medical treatment because he is a Jehovah’s Witness.

Warning: They get worse...so if your eating, stop.

Massive Hand


The man with the largest hand in the world underwent a seven-hour surgery in Shanghai to reduce it and make it functional. Before the surgery, his left thumb was 10.2 inches long and his index finger measured close to 12 inches.

Dede The ‘Tree Man’ - Warts


This Indonesian man’s condition is the worst case scenario for those with from HPV. Of course, Dede also suffered from a genetic condition, which cause his immune system to not be able to combat the spread of this diseases’ symptoms - which in most cases are warts. Interestingly, specialists claim that his condition could have been abetted by high dosages of Vitamin B. Long-referred to as “tree man” because his resemblence to a tree, he has recently undergone a series of surgeries to remove the tree-like growths from his body, and is already on a road to recovery.

Human Werewolf


Hypertrichosis is a medical condition characterized by the excessive growth of hair on places on the body where hair usually does not grow. Congenital Hypertrichosis is extremely rare and those who suffer from it are often called human werewolves. Reminds us of Teen Wolf a little bit…



Fibroma is a skin disease involving connective-tissue new growth. It appears on the body ­as one or many pea to egg-sized or larger, soft or firm, round or flattened, painless tumors located beneath the skin. In the worst cases, these growths can cover the entire body.

Humans with Horns

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Once thought to be a myth, the incidence of human being growing “horns” is now documented. These cutaneous horns, also called cornu cutaneum are actually skin lesions, which cone-shaped protuberances grow from, creating the appearance of a horn.

Massive Face Tumor


Huang Chuncai suffers from a rare genetic disorder of the nervous system called Neurofibromatosis. The disease caused the disabling growths on his face, which began when he was four years old He has had surgery to remove a 25-pound tumor and another to remove a 33-pound tumor.

Foot Growing in the Brain


Doctors say they have never seen anything like what they found inside Sam Esquibel’s head. When he was just three months old, Sam underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor that contained a tiny foot and other partially formed body parts.

Gigantic Kidney Stone


Passing a kidney stone can be excruciatingly painful. Generally if they become too large to pass, surgery is required to remove them. Surgeons in Hungary were in for a surprise when they found their patient had developed a 2.5 pound kidney stone, which was roughly the size of a coconut. Most kidney stones, at their worst, are no larger than a golf ball.

Tremendous Leg Tumor


Chen Zongtao has a tumor on his right leg that weighs 154 pounds. He has suffered with the tumor for years because he is unable to afford surgery to remove it.

Huge Neck Tumor


Huang Liqian, 58, first discovered a bizarre growth on the back of his neck in 1990. He ignored for 17 years it and it developed into a 33 pound tumor. He finally had surgery to remove it in 2007.

Spruce Tree Growing In Lung



A Russian man who was coughing up blood and complaining of chest pains was found to have this 5 centimeter spruce tree growing inside his lung. Since the tree was too large to have been accidentally inhaled, doctors believe the man must have inhaled a bud which grew inside the lung.

Baby with 16 Toes


A baby boy with 16 toes was born in China in November 2008. He also has five fingers on each hand, but does not have any thumbs. The child suffers from a genetic condition called Polydactylism, and his family says they will have the extra digits surgically removed.

People with Tails

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Mostly thought to be a myth, there are stories about people who have tails. While evolution has eliminated that trait for most of us, these rare pictures show that some are still born with small tails, which are an extension of the spine.

Overwhelming Lower Lip Tumor


This 8-year-old girl from China suffers from a large tumor in her lower lip. She was born with the tumor and her family has been unable to afford the surgery to remove it.

16 Pound Face Tumor



In 2005, a Haitian teen in Miami underwent surgery to remove most of a 16-pound tumor from her face. The surgery took 16 hours and she required many follow-up reconstructive surgeries. The abnormal growth had become so large it was obstructing her airways and had to be removed in order for her to survive. The girl suffers from rare form of Polyostotic Fibrous Dysplasia; a nonhereditary, genetic disease that causes bone to become “like a big a bowl of jelly with some bone inside,” said Dr. Jesus Gomez of University of Miami School of Medicine.

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