23 inspirational Light Graffiti Examples

Light Graffiti is a simple form of art using photographic techniques. Light Graffiti is made from different types of light sources and time lapse photography. This new trend to art uses the movement of light to create awesome pictures and is usually created on the streets, inside darkrooms and also at Artists studio.
Here are some few inspirational example of light graffiti. [via thedesignmag]

1. First night with the black light flashlight and the new line-making device.

2. One from the Outdoor illum’s photostream

3. Antipraticle from tcb

4. My Old Room’s Wall Posters

10. Light Graffiti at the Bulb

18 light Graffiti,light doodle

19 Traffic Light Graffiti by LICHTFAKTOR

20 Light Graffiti - HDR’d from

21 Light Graffiti from Taylor Pemberton

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