Mother cooks and eats friend in front of 7 year old son

A CANNIBAL mum axed a friend to death, cooked her body and ate the meat — while the killer’s young son looked on.

Olesya Mostovschikova, 27, told police she rowed with Tatiana Romanchuk, 32, during a booze-up. [via mirror]

Officer Oleg Lobach said Olesya calmly told cops: “I took the axe and hit her a number of times on her head.

“Then I cut off her ears, gouged out one eye, cut off an arm and a hand. I then cooked the parts in the oven.”

Another friend, who is being treated as a witness, claims that she was forced to eat the flesh.

Cops say Olesya’s son, seven, witnessed the murder and the cooking. He is now in care.

Locals at Irkutsk, in Siberia, Russia, found Tatiana’s legs in a rubbish bin.

Picture of her here.

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