Police Erect Fake Crash Sites To Deter Drunk Driving

Thai police have erected fake crash sites, like the one above, as a drunk driving deterrent. They're intended to frighten locals out of drinking and driving. Hmm, works for us.[via jalopnik]

Wrecked cars are a common site at high schools across the country, set up by local police to remind kids about the risks of chugging a few brewskis then hopping behind the wheel of their Jeep Wranglers, but Thai police are really taking it to the next level. Not only are the bloody motorcyclist and dismembered driver frightening, but morbidly comical too.

We asked our resident at-risk-youth, Andrew Didorosi, if such a deterrent would influence him. His response was, "If anything, id be staring at that and probably crash."

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