Two pigeons arrested in Iran for espionage

As we’ve seen before, birds are the innocent victims in humankind’s push for nuclear power. Regular readers will know about the freezers at the Sellafield nuclear plant in the UK that are stuffed with seagulls shot by sharpshooters because the birds are radioactive after swimming in contaminated water.

pigeonsThe latest victims, it seems, are two pigeons arrested in Iran for espionage:

Iranian security forces have arrested two pigeons suspected of spying on one of the country's nuclear facilities. The birds were captured near the heavily-bunkered underground uranium enrichment plant in Natanz.

What fate awaits them at the hands of their Iranian captors? Are the pigeons willing conspirators or were they brainwashed by western intelligence agencies? Did the Natanz Two sell their services (we hope they amount of corn they were paid was worth it) or were they perhaps blackmailed by the CIA (their wives and kids being held against their will in a secret facility)? Either way, it’s a black day for pigeonkind.

The pigeon community has refused to comment. [via greenpeace]

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