Cops Hide in New Spot on Highway

Troopers Riding With Truckers to Watch Drivers

State troopers are riding along with truck drivers in an effort to catch motorists who speed or drive too close to the big rigs.

In less than two hours after the enforcement began this week, troopers issued 31 tickets and nine warnings, most for speeding or following too close, state police Sgt. Wayne Flick said.

Tickets were issued to drivers of both cars and trucks, he said.

"It doesn't matter if you're in a passenger car or commercial vehicle: We're going to be looking at you," Flick said.

State troopers will ride along with truck drivers looking for aggressive driving around the trucks. If the trooper sees a violation, he will radio other troopers to pull over the motorist.

No specific area of the state is being targeted for the patrols, and troopers will target interstates and state highways, Flick said.

The program has the support of the Indiana Motor Truck Association, said Kenny Cragan, the group's executive director.

"Ultimately, better enforcement could save lives," Cragan said. "That's the reason we support it."

National statistics show that investigators give primary blame to car drivers for 56 percent of the crashes between large trucks and cars, Flick said.

Cragan said the program is intended to apply to all drivers. [via aol]

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