Special Delivery: The Weird World of Mailboxes!

So a friend or family member just bought a new house and you're stuck for a gift idea? No problem! Buy them a mailbox! Who wants to retrieve bills, letters and magazines from a clunky old piece of junk? Nobody I know! Why not use your brain power and give someone you love an eccentric alternative that fits their personality?

There's a mailbox for everybody!

  • For the kindergarten teacher who can't seem to "leave work at work:"
  • For the only neighbor whose house the kids avoid on Halloween:

  • For the albino manatee ornament enthusiast:

  • For the recent divorcee/midlife crisis-goer:

  • For the celibate, nostalgic nerd:

  • For the clinically depressed:

  • For the clinically insane:

  • For the person who has no idea what PETA is:

  • For the trigger-happy:

  • For the person who likes to play mind games with postal worker:

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