15 Scariest Ghost Videos on the Web

With Halloween finally here, folks are in a scary kind of mood. And since the economy is so scary itself right now, we decided to save you the bones you'd spend on renting 'Child's Play' 1 through 7, and instead give you links to 12 especially freaky (and free) ghost videos. Just don't blame us for the nightmares.

Haunted Hide and Seek

What begins as an innocent game of hide-and-seek between father and daughter becomes a ghost hunt in this first-person video. Although it seems to us that the little girl has rehearsed her lines, we still can't totally debunk this one.

The Service Station Specter

A news program in Parma, Ohio reported this eerie blue form's appearance on security cameras at a local filling station. We have no idea what that thing hovering in front of the gas pumps is, but we're pretty sure that it's marveling at how high fuel prices have gotten (sorry, but anything over $2 is still too much).

The Crying Ghost

Seemingly the same guy from the hide-and-seek video, this ghost hunter was awakened by a creepy wailing in his hallway. If he is in fact one and the same, this dude either has awful luck or way too much time on his hands.

The Haint in the Woods

This Pennsylvanian family is certain that they've captured footage of a ghost moving through their woods at night, and who are we to argue? What we find most shocking about this video, though, is that the obviously Southern daddy who is speaking in the background has somehow wound up in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania of all places. Maybe that's his relative flitting between the trees.

Fallen Angel

These specter-seeking Spaniards tromped through the woods only to find something really terrifying. Although the poster of the video admits that it's a fake, that doesn't change the fact that it's creepy as all get out.

The Face in the Mirror

Many horror connoisseurs confer that the best spooky movies these days are made in Asia, so why wouldn't the same apply to low-budget ghost videos? Whether the vid is real or not, somebody needs to give this dude a movie deal.

The Haunted Ladies' Room

After hearing reports of paranormal activity in this historic Knoxville, TN theater, a ghost hunter explored its women's restroom. Our guess is that the haint was embarrassed to be filmed in the bathroom and made a rush for the door.

The Rocking Chair

This video is just one of many poltergeist documentations on the Internet. Just keep your eyes on that rocking chair.

The Staircase

Calling out "Carrie" as he mounts the staircase, this ghost hunter seems to be on a first name basis with the subject of his hunt.

Dorm Room Ghost Girl

Having left a video camera on a table in his dorm room, this videographer captured a spectral sight, indeed. Didn't anybody tell her that girls, alive or otherwise, aren't allowed in the boys' dorm after lights-out?

The Face-Shifter

With this video, Asian ghost documentarians succeed again. Watch the little girl's face closely.

The Ghost in the Studio

A film studio's surveillance camera, set up in a bedroom, captured some mighty creepy footage here. We're not sure why the studio deems it necessary to ensure that an empty bed is secure, but we're not sure what that thing is, either.

The 'Three Men and a Baby' Haunting

Everybody who is a Ted Danson, Tom Selleck or Steve Guttenberg fan (all seven of you) already knows about the 'Three Men and a Baby' ghost. According to legend, that shadowy figure in the background of this video is the ghost of a boy who committed suicide in the apartment in which this scene was filmed. We think it's the Ghost of Danson's Future, telling him that he should have called it a day with 'Cheers.'

We thought you'd want to take a break from all these super-grainy videos and check out that other ever-exploding online paranormal genre -- the ghost photo, of which dozens of examples are compiled in the above video. You'll see all manner of purported ghost pics here both past and present, from oversized nuns to ghost faces in smoke. Some are downright creepy -- thanks in particular to the scary Wendy Carlos soundtrack -- but we're not sure just how many of these haven't been Photoshopped.

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