New Trend: Many Teens Change Eye Color With Food Coloring?

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You've got to be kidding me...Long term damage anyone??

There's a new -- and dangerous -- "do-it-yourself" trend. "Food coloring is cheap (and) easy, but it's not meant to be put in contact lenses," said Dr. Kelly Spetalnick, an optometrist. The American Optometric Association has issued a warning, because many children are trying to make their own colored contact lens, using food coloring. "I decided to go green for a while, because it would be more fun," Kristine Alderman, 15, said.

Alderman has a doctor's prescription for colored contacts. They're fitted to her eyes and prescribed for her vision. But that does not matter to some kids. "Some people have asked me for some," she said. "They're like, 'Can we have yours?' and I was like, 'No.'" Using food coloring, borrowing lenses that don't fit and not keeping contacts incredibly clean are all serious risks. "Your body almost attacks the (lenses)," Spetalnick said. "It sees it as a foreign body, which can really snowball into inflammatory processes: corneal ulcers, serious eye infections, and scarring that can be permanent." Experts said that parents should explain to their children the dangers -- infection, inflammation and even permanent scarring -- and then tell them the bottom line. "Your eyes are very sensitive," Spetalnick said. "You're only born with two. If something happens to one of them, you don't get another one."

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