Crowd swipes dying man's groceries

Normally I'd like to keep things on the positive side here at Curious? Read, but I have to speak out against such low life scum bags as this story will illustrate. I would expect such vial behavior in the arm pits of our world.. but not in the glorious U.S of A. As Bob Dylan once wrote.."The times they are a changing.." [for the worse].

MESA, Ariz., Oct. 3 (UPI) -- The sight of an old man being hit by a truck in Arizona touched off a feeding frenzy among witnesses who allegedly stole the dying victim's groceries.

Not only were the man's groceries taken, but the only person who tried to help him also had his own bags taken.

Mesa police told KPHO-TV in nearby Phoenix that the scavengers could face theft charges if they are eventually tracked down.

The elderly victim was waiting for a bus Tuesday night when a pickup truck swerved off the road and plowed into the stop. The man was sent flying as were his bags of groceries.

As the truck sped off with a white plastic bag flapping on its grill, witnesses began grabbing whatever scattered food they could get their hands on. Boro Mitrovich, who was himself nearly struck, said he ran to help the man and had his bag disappear as well.

"One minute it was on the ground, the next minute it was gone," Mitrovich told KPHO.

Watch related video on this story here.


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