The Best Turkey Frying Disasters on the Internet

It's the day after Thanksgiving — which means it's time to be thankful for morons who attempt to fry their own turkeys. Here it is: The very best of the biggest Turkey Fryer Fails we found on the internet. Be safe!

The Homemade Turkey Fryer:

"Homemade turkey fryer," or pot with oil over an open flame? Either way, if you have to drop your Turkey via 5-foot pole, you're doing something wrong.

Inside The Garage:

Step one, place fireball under roof of house.

Barefoot BBQ

When operating over gallons of boiling oil, it's best to remove your socks and shoes first.


Who suggested leaning the pot up against the house?

"We Should Definitely Call The Fire Department"

But first maybe don't try and fry a turkey over your wooden deck. Extra points for the "quick get a pan of water," idea.


Kudos for having the fire extinguisher nearby (fingers crossed this is the appropriate "type K" extinguisher used for combustable cooking oil). Negative points for filling the pot with too much oil, using the wrong kind of stove, using a pot that's too small, and hovering your crotch over the boiling oil.

We've Made a Huge Mistake


Another Classic Indoor Turkey Frying

Absent Minded Fryer

They left the fryer on all night. And now, you should call the fire department now.

Babies Love Hot Oil

Actually this person has all the recommended safety precautions in place, minus his naked child a few feet away.

Thanksgiving Is Ruined

Blame it on the Thermometer

I think it's done?

Countdown to Turkey Explosion

Double points for lighting the kid's playground ablaze. Santa says "YOU'VE BEEN BAD."

The Professionals

And now a couple of "fried turkey safety" posts created by various firefighters. Yes they are doing everything wrong — but even these look safer than what's above.
But just in case you actually want to attempt frying your turkey without destroying your home, here's a very good infographic from Live Science explaining in great detail what you should be doing.

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