How to stop the Office Lunch stealing thief

It isn't every day that sales assistant Christine Nelson gets treated to a four-star restaurant dinner. Wanting to savor every morsel of the experience, she asked to have her leftovers bagged, took it to work the next day and salivated all morning thinking about her delicious lunch.
When she opened the lunch room fridge door, yep, you guessed it: The refrigerator thief had struck again! Gone were her lobster thermidor, brie en croute and marzipan cake.
"For the first time ever, I wished I had left a tuna sandwich," Nelson says. Why? "Because then I could SMELL the thief who had stolen my lunch!"

Or she could have done what this irate office worker did:

job fails - BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!

If you've ever worked in an office with a fridge, chances are good that you've had your lunch, milk, cream, any and every kind of food stolen. Somewhere it seems, a band of sick fridge thieves are operating. For proof, just check out the following note and cheeky response:

job fails - And Here We Go!

"It's a slap in the face when you label everything and put notes like 'Don't touch my food,' and people think nothing of doing it anyway. The worst part is you WORK with these people," exclaims a frustrated production manager, Celia Cohen, after having her stash of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia stolen. "I mean, it was a pint of ice cream, who eats a whole pint in one sitting?" she asks rhetorically.
Well, certainly, not someone who is on a diet. For the Cohens, Nelsons and thousand of others who have been left hungry and helpless, the "As Seen on TV" people have a solution. It's called, The Fridge Locker. The clever folks who stand to make a mint on this baby use these catchy slogans to explain it: "The Personal Food Security System," "No More Surprise Attacks on Your Snacks," and more apt, "Stop Refrig-a-raiders."
This "safe-within-a-fridge" is a cube made of heavy-duty plastic bars that uses a three-digit combination code to safeguard your precious lunchables. [via]

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