Facebook Fan Pages now have photo stream on them!

Sweet, if you are an admin of a Facebook Fan Page for a company you can now put images across your Fan Page! What does this mean? Well you can put up your own little advertisement to all your fans to engage them even further!

This is the email I got from Facebook Just now:

Hi Jon,
Facebook pages are getting an updated layout and several new features to help you engage with your fans. Here's some of what you'll be getting:

Notifications when fans interact with your page or posts
A place to showcase photos along the top of your page
A news feed for your page
The ability to Like and post on other pages as your page
Preview your page and you'll be given the option to upgrade early. All pages will automatically be upgraded on March 10.

If you are the owner of a FanPage and want to advertise to your fans for free please check out FacebookCustomPictures.com to order yours today. It's only $5 How sweet it that? Or check out the example below for more info

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