100 Healthy Remedies From Household Products

With healthcare a pressing issue, prices going up, and cures in short supply, more and more people are turning away from their medicine cabinets and to their pantries and gardens for remedies. And they are experiencing a certain amount of success.
Whether looking to help a stuffy nose or something more serious, the answer can be as close as an arm’s reach away with a look at these 100 healthy remedies that are right in your home.
Common Healthy Remedies That Are Right In Your Home
The below are commonly found in the average home and can help in many ways.
    1. Water : Because dehydration can cause a range of symptoms from fatigue to headache, a simple glass of water can sometimes work wonders. Other problems that can arise from lack of water include increased heart rate, dark urine, muscle cramps, and nausea. To avoid these, make sure you get your eight to ten glasses a day.
    2. Club Soda : Not only useful for getting out stains, it can also help with an upset stomach or dehydration. Because it is free of the sugar and additives of regular sodas, you can get the benefits without the negatives.
    3. Chocolate Milk : Often thought of as more of an indulgence than healthy remedy, there are actually benefits to your childhood favorite. When drank after a rough workout, chocolate milk can actually be very useful as a recovery drink. Check out this video from The Doctors to learn more.
    4. Honey : From healing wounds to fighting infections, honey is said to be one of the most ancient and turned to remedies across the world. It is even used to combat diarrhea, indigestion, stomach ulcers and gastroenteritis. Visit here to get more information.
    5. Apple Cider Vinegar : From Hippocrates to modern day doctors, apple cider vinegar has been used to treat many ailments. They include aches, pains, lack of energy, warts, and are even used on animals.
    6. Lemon Water : That yellow wedge on the end of your glass can be so much more than a garnish. Combining lemon with water helps alkalize both your blood and body, keeping it from becoming too acidic.
    7. Cinnamon : Studies have shown that a half of a teaspoon of cinnamon per day can lower LDL cholesterol. Cinnamon can also help with diabetes, arthritis, and even leukemia.
    8. Ginger : Used as a healthy remedy for centuries, the ginger in your home can actually help with many modern ailments. They include ovarian cancer, motion sickness, heartburn, and more.
    9. Garlic : This clove has been used on everything from preventing the flu to the Bubonic plague. Raw garlic has also been used on a range of ailments including both acne treatment and managing cholesterol.
    10. Hydrogen Peroxide : The subject of much controversy, this substance can help with everything from allergies to gingivitis. Check out this article by a doctor for more information.
Healthy Remedies To Help You Lose Weight
Avoid the dangers of supplemental weight loss pills by giving the below homemade remedies a try.
    11. Milk : Studies showed that those who drank a glass of fat free milk before lunch experienced decreased appetite and calorie intake compared to those who drank fruit juice. Visit here to learn more.
    12. Almonds : One of the healthiest of all the nuts, research has been found that people with a diet rich in almonds lost more pounds than those without. They also helped with blood pressure. Visit WebMD for the entire article.
    13. Vinegar : Some studies suggest that vinegar can increase metabolism. This in turn helps the body process food and burn more calories.
    14. Jalapenos : Similar to the above, the spice found here can also increase metabolism. In fact, many naturally spicy foods tout similar properties.
    15. Evening Primrose Oil : The oil is extracted from a plant of the same name and contains an essential fatty acid that can help with metabolism. Other benefits include combating cholesterol, fatigue, improper hormone levels, and more.
    16. Make It Raw : Because cooking food can remove nutrients while leaving fat, some people choose a raw diet. This site is maintained by raw food chef and published author and contains more information.
    17. Coconut : The oil found in coconuts is said to have weight losing properties. Try taking a tablespoon or two before meals to see if it works for you.
    18. Pine Nuts : Use these nuts as a garnish to many dishes to help naturally decrease your appetite. The pinolenic acid found in them is what makes it work.
    19. Flaxseeds : Similar to the above, they also help suppress appetite. The seeds also contain omega-3 fats and fiber as well.
    20. Other Herbal Remedies : Thinking about taking an herbal remedy such as Ephedra or St. John’s Wort? Then visit here to get an expert medical opinion on many weight loss herbs.
Healthy Remedies For Beauty
Look good on the outside as well with these homemade remedies for beauty.
    21. Aloe : Most commonly used for sunburn, it can also be used to treat wounds and other types of skin inflammation. There are even studies suggesting that aloe can help with constipation.
    22. Cocoa Butter : Extracted from cocoa beans, the white, waxy material can be applied to dry skin for a natural remedy. It can also be purchased at a store in stick or cream form.
    23. Avocado : Often used as a main ingredient in face masks, the oils in avocados contain high levels of Vitamin E that are essential for healthy skin. Simply grab one, puree it, spread on your face, and leave for 20 to 30 minutes.
    24. Toothpaste : Not just for a healthy smile, it can also be used as a spot treatment for acne. As soon as you feel a growth coming, apply toothpaste to the effected spot. If you feel it tingling, that means its working. Do not use as an overnight treatment.
    25. Eggs : The protein found in eggs can be used to restore the strength of your hair. Simply mix one egg and one or two oils rich in moisturizing fats like coconut or sesame, apply to the hair, and wrap.
    26. Ashes : Got a wart? Then grab some cool ashes from the fireplace to treat it naturally.
    27. Banana Peel : Wrap one of these around a wart to help dissolve it. However, the time it takes to work – weeks to months – can have even the reasonably patient driving to the pharmacy.
    28. Castor Oil : Use this on both your skin and hair for optimal results. The oil can also help with constipation, menstrual disorders, and more.
    29. Mayonnaise : Coating your hair in this spread once a week can help restore its shine and manageability. Be sure to use the real kind, made of egg and oil.
    30. Oatmeal : Not just a healthy breakfast, the beta glucan in real oatmeal can help your skin. Use a washcloth wrapped with oatmeal and rung into a sink to splash on your face for amazing results.
Healthy Fruit Remedies That Are Right In Your Home
That wicker basket in your home can contain a healthy remedy, along with a tasty snack.
    31. Pomegranate : This super fruit can help with everything from anti-aging to fighting cancer. Simply choose a product that has pomegranate as one of the top three ingredients. This video from WebMD has more.
    32. Acai Berry : Long before Oprah was touting its benefits, Acai berries were well known for their antioxidant content. These can help with free radicals, disease, and are often found in juice or granola.
    33. Watermelon : Containing high levels of glutathione, the pulp in water melon is another powerful antioxidant. Because it is made up of so much water, it can also help with dehydration.
    34. Grapefruit : The amount of Vitamin C alone found in this fruit is reason to eat it. However, it also contains flavonoids and other nutrients. But this fruit can also be bad for you if drenched in sweeteners.
    35. Cherries : If you have arthritis or any kind of joint problem, cherries are sweeter than you think. The Arthritis Foundation recommends drinking tart cherry juice mixed with water three times a day for its anti-inflammatory properties.
    36. Orange : Not just a high boaster of Vitamin C, oranges also have other uses. In fact, the peel of an orange can be rubbed against rough or dead skin as a healthy remedy.
    37. Apples : It’s true that this fruit actually does keep the doctor away. Conditions it can help include prevention of cancer and Alzheimer’s, along with diabetes and cholesterol management.
    38. Berries : Both raspberries and blueberries contain high levels of antioxidants and other nutrients that can help a number of conditions. Those with allergies should definitely give a daily dose of this fruit a try.
    39. Tangerines : If you want to slow the growth of cancer cells, take a look at this home healthy remedy. Like many other brightly colored fruits, they contain the cancer fighting substance flavonoids.
    40. Papaya : This fruit’s high levels of Vitamin C, E, and others help it combat a number of ailments. Anyone looking to combat a cold or cancer should reach for this.
Healthy Remedies For Your Immune System
With cold and flu season in full swing, these items found in your home can help boost your immune system.
    41. Elderberry : Used to treat a Panamanian flu epidemic in 1995, its antioxidants are a powerful force. Available as a juice or supplement, it can also help with cholesterol, vision, and heart health.
    42. Mushrooms : Not necessarily the ones in the backyard, but the right mushrooms contain both antioxidants and selenium to boost your immune system. The best kind are button.
    43. Cabbage : Containing both antioxidants and glutathione, both help the immune system function. Don’t know which to get? Traditional, white, red, and even Chinese are all good sources of the preceding.
    44. Wheat Germ : It contains both zinc and antioxidants to help fight infection, in addition to Vitamin B. Hate the taste? Then switch out part of the flour in a recipe to sneak in a little wheat germ.
    45. Yogurt : The cultures found in it can both fight disease and keep them from happening. The best kind to get are those with no added sugar, low fat, and loaded with Vitamin D.
    46. Spinach : Good for more than sailing cartoon characters, the folate in spinach helps cell production. It also contains fiber and Vitamin C for extra help.
    47. Broccoli : Much like the above, even if you don’t like the taste of this vegetable, you’ll enjoy it more than having a compromised immune system. Full of Vitamins A, C, and D, it can help with a variety of ailments, including infection.
    48. Sweet Potato : Switch out your baked or mashed potatoes for one of these to take advantage of the immune helping beta-carotene. They are also lower in carbs and contain high levels of Vitamin A for eye health.
    49. Salt Water : Got a stuffy nose? Then help your immune system out by flushing your nose with salt water and removing virus particles. WebMD recommends mixing one quarter teaspoon salt, one quarter teaspoon baking soda, and eight ounces of warm water. Simply flush a few times with a bulb syringe to get results.
    50. Eucalyptus : Often found in products like Vaporub, this plant can help clear congested sinuses and relieve pain. You can also use menthol or camphor as a substitute.
Healthy Remedies That Are Right In Your Spice Rack
These spices help make your food tasty, along with your body healthier.
    51. Epsom Salt : Have you ever seen those foot detoxifier ads on television? Then save your money and instead soak your feet in warm water and Epsom salt to get the same effect. It can also help in a full bath and is even useful for treating sciatica.
    52. Tumeric : Part of the ginger family, it can be used for a variety of home remedies. Ailments treated include allergies, obesity, Alzheimer’s, in certain cancers, and more.
    53. Sea Salt : Have trouble falling asleep? Pour a little of this into a glass of drinking water and it just may help you fall asleep and stay that way.
    54. Horseradish : Anyone with a case of congestion knows that a dose of horseradish can instantly help. However, you can also apply it to acne and melasma for a natural remedy.
    55. Pepper : Not only does black pepper help your food taste better, it also has other benefits. The stimulation of hydrochloric acid it stimulates can help improve digestion and reduce gas.
    56. Oregano : Did you know that one teaspoon of this spice has as much antioxidants as three cups of broccoli? Simply add a little to pizza, pastas, sandwiches, and more to experience its benefits.
    57. Dried Red Peppers : These can include cayenne, paprika, and others. The spices help stimulate digestion and burn fat.
    58. Rosemary : This small green spice has been shown to help in heart health. It also helps reduce inflammation that can trigger many diseases.
    59. Thyme : Similar to oregano, this spice is also high in antioxidants. Studies are also looking into its benefits against respiratory functions.
    60. Curry : Have heart problems? Then you might have the remedy in your home’s spice rack. Made from turmeric, it contains many of the same benefits, along with help against heart disease.
Healthy Cancer Remedies That Are Right In Your Home
Although there is no cure for cancer, use the below to both fight and prevent it without ever leaving your home.
    61. Legumes : Use this hearty vegetable as a meat substance to get the protein benefits without the price. You can also use beans, lentils, and the like as well.
    62. Soy : This substitute also has the same benefits as the above. Varieties such as tofu and miso also contain cancer combating nutrients called phytochemicals.
    63. Tomatoes : Because they contain high levels of lycopene, they can reduce risk of cancer. Try a tomato paste or sauce to get the most amounts.
    64. Fish : Healthy varieties such as wild salmon, tuna, and halibut contain many cancer fighting substances such as oil. They also contain cancer fighting selenium that can be dangerous as a supplement but useful in fish.
    65. Orange Juice : Containing high levels of folate and Vitamin C, it can help combat cancer. Be sure and get a healthy variety that isn’t overloaded with sugar.
    66. Curcumin : This spice is also part of the turmeric family. Sprinkle a little into your next dish to enjoy it’s cancer fighting and anti inflammatory aspects.
    67. Walnuts : The antioxidants and oils in these nuts can help prevent or stave off cancer. You can also substitute pistachio, pecan, and other nuts for similar benefits.
    68. Cauliflower : Along with broccoli, this vegetable helps create sulforaphane in the body to protect healthy cells from cancerous ones. It is also recommended to grow it in your own home.
    69. Sunshine : Get your dose of Vitamin D right from your home with this simple remedy. Simply expose at least 40% of your body to ten minutes of natural sunlight to get it.
    70. Tea : Containing nutrients called kaempferol, a cup or four of tea a day can help combat cancer. To find out which kind are the best, see the below.
Healthy Tea Remedies That Are Right In Your Home
Switch out your coffee for one or all of the below to instantly get a healthy remedy.
    71. Green Tea : For its high content of both antioxidants and polyphenols, green tea gets the top spot. It can help fight cancer, stimulate metabolism, boost your immune system, and much more.
    72. Tea Bags : You don’t just have to drink it to enjoy the benefits. Putting warm tea bags over your eyes can help reduce and alleviate pink eye.
    73. White Tea : A cousin of green tea, it helps fight viruses and bacteria. Read thisarticle for more information on a study done at Touro College.
    74. Black Tea : If looking to combat heart disease and stroke, check your home for black tea. It even contains fluoride to aid in dental health.
    75. Oolong : Burn calories, increase blood flow, and build stronger bones with the help of this tea. It can also help with an upset stomach.
    76. Chai Tea : This tea also contains antioxidants and can help in digestion. It can even be found at your local Starbucks as a hot or cold beverage.
    77. Vanilla Tea : This tea is an excellent choice for diabetics. Not only will it satisfy your sweet tooth, but it can help control blood sugar levels.
    78. Red Tea : Most popular in Africa, this tea contains flavonoids that are useful against many ailments. It also helps with the nervous system, kidney stones, and can even be used as a sedative.
    79. Chamomile : If you suffer from nervous disorders such as insomnia, panic attacks, and twitches, give this tea a try. It also helps with menstrual cramps and ulcers.
    80. Tibicos : Think you can’t get tea from a mushroom? Then try this ancient and little known tea to cure endless ailments and has been used by the likes of Mother Theresa.
Healthy Remedies For Unusual Problems
Right in your home may be the answer to that embarrassing or unusual health problem.
    81. Bananas : Got a hangover? Grab a banana. Better than a cup of black coffee, bananas contain potassium, which was depleted during that long night of drinking. They can also help with upset stomach and nausea.
    82. Peanut Butter : Try eating some of this before drinking to stave off the hangover. This practice is most commonly found in Africa.
    83. Tomato Juice : The last of the hangover remedies, there’s a reason why the Bloody Mary is the hair-of-the-dog drink of choice. The tomato juice contained in it actually helps your body speed up the process of alcohol. And, of course, it works best when there is no vodka in it.
    84. Lemon Juice : If you have diarrhea and can’t leave the house to purchase an over the counter remedy, try reaching for those lemons. The juice in them can kill of the pathogens that cause it. Drinking the juice of one lemon three to five times a day should do it.
    85. Powdered Milk : This substance carries the antibodies of the E. coli bacteria that can cause diarrhea and a host of other health problems. Some health food stores carry special kinds just for this kind of problem.
    86. Gingkgo Biloba : Used as an herbal remedy for cardiac patients, it can also help with erectile dysfunction. The herb can improve blood flow to the arteries in the effected area.
    87. Ginseng : This Asian herb is also used to treat the above. Be sure not to mix the two.
    88. Licorice : Because women have embarrassing problems too, use the above to help treat yeast infections. Pouring teaspoon of licorice powder into a pint of boiling water can make a homemade douche.
    89. Cranberry Juice : Also used to treat the above, the juice can even help with urinary tract infections. Be sure to get an unsweetened, 100% juice kind.
    90. 24 More : For more on this health problem, click here to get a list of ways to treat and prevent if from How Stuff Works.
Lesser Known Healthy Remedies That Are Right In Your Home
When you think of the below, home healthy remedy doesn’t come to mind but should.
    91. Bacteria : You read that correctly. Friendly bacteria in your intestines can actually help keep the more dangerous variety out. A variety of probiotics purchased over the counter can help. Check out this video from a licensed nutritionist for more.
    92. Oysters : Because raw oysters are often seen to cause more problems than they solve, the benefits usually go unnoticed. However, the zinc found in oysters can help stave of the flu, heal wounds, and yes, increase male fertility.
    93. Wine : The polyphenols found in wine actually can act as an antibacterial agent. They can help with everything from flu to diarrhea. Drinking more than one glass of red or white wine, however, can do more harm than good.
    94. Ice : If you have a black eye, putting a steak on it can actually make it worse. The raw meat can contain high levels of bacteria and cause an infection. A plain old ice pack will have to do.
    95. Black Strap Molasses : This lesser known healthy remedy contains tons of nutrients including iron, calcium, and copper. It is said to help with everything from arthritis to going prematurely gray.
    96. Beer : Another correct read, studies have shown that one to two glasses of beer a day can reduce the risk of stroke and other heart disease. The type and brand you drink doesn’t matter, and you can visit AskMen for more.
    97. Tequila : Can a shot of tequila be good for you? According to Associated Contentit can. A moderate amount can help with cholesterol, metabolism, and even stress. As with all alcohol, addiction can also develop.
    98. Cayenne Pepper : You don’t have to be from Cajun country to enjoy the healthy remedy of cayenne pepper. Simply mix with water and drink to cure a sore throat. Repeat as necessary.
    99. Vodka : Vodka can make a very healthy remedy straight from your home without ever having to drink it. Use it topically to cure toothaches, neutralize jellyfish stings, and even combat swimmer’s ear. Visit here to learn more.
    100. Tobacco : Use this for more than a nicotine fix the next time you have a bee sting. Simply pinch off the end of a cigarette, wet, and place it on the sting to relieve it.
These 100 healthy remedies that are right in your home should not be interpreted as specific medical advice. Consult with a qualified healthcare provider before making decisions about remedies or health conditions.

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