Weird Energizing Foods Runners Rave About!

Forget fake sports drinks, and instead refuel like real athletes- with naturally energizing bites with benefits. [via]

Sure, there are tons of energy drinks out there promising to boost your endurance, quicken your pace, and keep you on point for anything- test taking or race. But really… do you want to soup up your body with chemicals and questionable ingredients that you can’t pronounce, have zero idea what they are, and may have actually read about on the “do not consume” list? I didn’t think so.
Thankfully there are tons of Bites with Benefits- foods that really do benefit your body… naturally. But when it comes to athletes, there are certain expectations around what’s beneficial and what’s not. Your mind automatically goes to protein shakes, egg whites, sports drinks. But here are some out of the ordinary alternatives that runners swear by:

What: Helps reduce pain and undo muscle knots.
Why? Scientists suggest this could be because pickle juice replaces the sodium and fluid lost through sweat, and that the acidity of the vinegar conquers the cramps.
What? Drink the purple potion before an event and cyclists can ride 20% more than those just given a placebo.
Why? The nitric acid helps minimize unnecessary muscle, which increases stamina.
What? Bake, salt, wrap and stuff fingerling potatoes or rice balls with soy sauce into your pockets for easy accessibility during your workout to keep energy up.
Why? The carb/sodium combo has been shown to help maintain consistent energy when eaten in small doses every 30 minutes.
What? It’s believed that sucking on hard candy during a long workout will keep your energy up.
Why? The fast-acting source of glucose will give you an instant dose of energy.
What? Acerola, also known as the “Barbados Cherry,” is actually a superfruit with 20 times more Vitamin C than an orange (and only half the sugar) and is said to keep you from getting sick and help your body heal post exercise session.
Why? It’s the antioxidants found in Acerola Juice that can reduce the production of enzymes in the body that cause inflammation.
What? A natural energizer and fortifier, this foggy refresher is what sports drinks wish they could be.
Why? Coconut water embodies the perfect balance of muscle-supporting potassium and sodium that commercial sports beverages aim for, but without that sugary, highly processed taste.
What? Now this is the find of a lifetime- chocolate milk to help with post-workout muscle recovery, fuel and re-energizer?
Why? It’s the perfect balance of protein to repair muscles post workout, carbs to re-fuel, and fluids to replace the sweat you lose during a workout. Another part of this sweet deal is sodium, potassium and magnesium—crucial for strenuous activity—as well as the Vitamin D for healthy bones. What’s NOT to love?!

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