Wheel Of Fortune Solved With One Letter [vid]

A woman has become an online sensation after making what must be one of the luckiest guesses ever on Wheel of Fortune.

Appearing on the show last week, Caitlin Burke, from New Jersey, stunned host Pat Sajak and the studio audience by asking to solve a seven-word phrase with only one letter revealed – an "L".

The magazine fashion editor correctly identified the puzzle's solution as "I've got a good feeling about this" to win a holiday in the Caribbean.

In footage of the show, Sajak appears baffled by Ms Burke's lucky guess and appeals to the clapping audience to "wait a minute, let me get over this first", before awarding her the prize.

Ms Burke told the news website NJ.com she and her brother had grown up watching games shows likeJeopardy and Wheel of Fortune during dinner and competing against their parents.

"I was always super competitive," the website quoted her as saying.

Burke said she had applied to Wheel of Fortune dozens of times before getting on the show.

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