End of the world? $800 Buys You a Year's Worth of Food at Costco for the Inevitable End-Times

Survivalists may cling to the belief that one day in the near future our currency will be worth nothing and commerce will once again consist of swapping dried animal pelts for fragrant spices. But while they still have to use that soon-to-be-worthless paper money, you can be damn sure those eagerly awaiting Armageddon are going to try to get the best bargain possible. Which is why Costco is now offering a year's worth of dehydrated food for only $800.

The THRIVE one-year food supply comes with 84 gallon-size cans of grains, fruits, veggies, protein, beans, dairy and baking essentials. Including two cans of elbow macaroni, which in our scorched-Earth near-future will be roughly equivalent to a jug full of silver dollars.

But don't take my word for it. Listen to these real testimonials from some of Costco's happy customers:

Everyone needs to prepare for rough years as our dollar dies.

Wonderful Idea for Costco to carry these products! Perfect for today's economical hard times!

Excellent Product, buy while you can. If you can't see what's comming, buy some glasses.Gods Speed. Semper Fi

Concerned as we are about Wiemar Republic-like hyperinflation, we bought this product.

I too am concerned about our Wiemar Republic-like hyperinflation. But I'd rather eat my own hand than take a bite from one of THRIVE's 12 cans of "hard white winter meat," whatever the hell that is.

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