10 Robots You Can Actually Date

With robots doing everything from military work to practicing medicine, what does the future hold in store? Although many of them can already do impressive tasks, will they one day take the ultimate place of the human role of companionship? It’s looking more and more like the answer is “yes.” [via]

Below, we have gathered 10 robots you can actually date. Although some may not perform all the things you would want a date to do – depending on your tastes – some of these robots may actually do more than your current squeeze.

1. Female Android : With over one million views on YouTube, this female robot has made quite the sensation. Project Aiko leads the making of a Yumecom (Yumecom = Dream Computer Robot) called Aiko. The original goal of Aiko was to help our aging population do simple tasks like make tea and coffee, tell them the weather, read a magazine, or remind them to take their medication at the correct time. However, the possible applications have grown since. Some of her amazing abilities include reading in different languages, reaction to pain, and even walking.

2. Robot Reproduction : Is it possible to have a child with the help of a robot? It is if you visit the Austin Fertility & Reproductive Medicine Center. As more and more clinics do, they offer a Da Vinci Robot Assisted Tubal Reversal. With the ability to reverse a “tube tying,” this robot can greatly assist in performing the previously invasive and risky surgery in minimal time and with far less recovery. The robot can also assist in a myomectomy with similar benefits. There is even a video from a local news station with more.

3. Robo-Buddy : How can we be lovers if we can’t be friends? No longer just a question for pop music, this robot developed by the ALIZ-E Project is programmed to not only interact with people but remember who they are as well as pertinent information about them. Currently being used to comfort sick kids, the robot is intended for child-robot interaction, which is different than adult-robot interaction.

4. Music Making Robot : Literally make beautiful music together with the help of this robot. It actually mimics the notes of a human player and repeats them. Developed by researchers at Waseda University in Tokyo, they could soon see robots composing their own symphonies.

5. Talking Robot : Olivia is a social robot from Singapore who loves to talk and can even gesture with her two white plastic arms. The researchers plan to use the robot as a receptionist to greet visitors, provide information, and even as a personal assistant and companion in people’s homes. She even has cameras and eyes that function like a human speaker. With future plans to include the ability to display sadness, happiness, and other behaviors into Olivia, the real trick may be getting her to be quiet.

6. Bartending Robot : Who needs a date when you can have a drink? But who’s going to get the drinks? Wilma can do the job. Using another Friday afternoon at Gamma Two Robotics as an example, an engineer actually has this robot deliver a beer. If you can muster the patience to command her as many times as he does, Wilma just might be the perfect date.

7. Sushi Making Robot : Now that you have a drink, have some grub with it. This industrial looking robotic arm with a human hand can actually take the place of sushi chef. It can gracefully arrange sushi on a platter and specializes in high speed, precision food handling.

8. Dishwashing Robot : Dirty dishes may someday no longer be the cause of relationship strife thanks to this robot developed by Stanford University. Dubbed STAIR, the STanford AI Robot, it can carry out a wide range of household tasks, They include picking up objects, responding to commands, preparing meals, and even unloading a dishwasher. You can also click on Projects to learn more about other robots and related items Stanford is developing.

9. Conversation Robot : Ever wish you just had someone to just talk to? Then consider carefully. Klaus is a Silicon Valley professional who actually got to interact with an instant messaging robot. In his blog, he actually copies and pastes the text of their conversation, which will have anyone wanting to converse with a robot thinking twice. Check it out to see why the old fashioned way of IM-ing may not be so bad after all.

10. Programmable Robot : But wait, there’s more. The folks over at Willow Garage have developed a PR2 model robot that can actually have an App programmed into it. With everything possible from work related tasks to personal services, this robot can do a lot of things. Videos include navigating, folding, opening, and even the ability to plug itself in.

Bonus! Don’t Date Robots – In an episode of the sci-fi cartoon “Futurama,” the prospect of dating robots has become a reality and a problem. This instructional video has more on the problem and bonus “noisy killer.”

Although the above 10 robots you can actually date are impressive, they are by no means reason to toss out your existing guy/girl. In fact, a quick think about what the robots can’t do can make a human relationship all the more valuable.

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