Ten Awesomely Named Food Trucks [pics]

Kim Jong Grillin/Facebook
Food trucks are so popular right now, it's almost harder to find a truck that doesn't serve lunch. The names are getting pretty awesome, too:

Kim Jong Grillin'
City: Portland
Why it's awesomely named: Korean barbecue named after the home country's most notorious oppressor? Ballsy in the best way.

Chairman Bao
Chairman Bao
City: San Francisco
Why it's awesomely named: The Chairman is keeping the dictator/food truck mashup alive in an even splashier way than the mostly stationary Kim Jong. Enjoy it now, for trademark trouble might be afoot.

India Jones
City: Los Angeles
Why it's awesomely named: What looks like a typo at first circles around your head and smacks you with a cute turn of phrase.

Buns on Wheels
City: Seattle
Why it's awesomely named: People normally pay too much attention to the burger, leaving the buns as an afterthought.

The Mud Truck
City: New York
Why it's awesomely named: Old-school diner charm on the go for busy Manhattan.

Check out the rest over at SFWeekly.com

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