This Is the Warmest Year Ever Recorded

There's never been a hotter year than this year. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has been tracking temperature measurements for both the water and the land since 1880, and so far 2010 is registering at about one degree above the 20th century average. Pretty, possibly apocalyptic pictures after the jump.

What do you guys think? Global warming for real? Or just over blown media covered scaring people into thinking it's real when all it really is, is a natural warming trend. Leave your thoughts in the comments below! [via]

temperature anomalies january to july.jpg

Canada and the Northeast have experienced the most unseasonably warm temperatures in the year to date.

temperature anamolies july 2010.png

While Russia, which has been aflame for the past month, was by far the warmest its ever been in the month of July, with Moscow's previous high temperature being eclipsed by a full four degrees when the mercury hit 102 on July 30.

Happy miserable summer, everyone!

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