More JetBlue-like employee freak out videos

As one (former) airline employee reminds us what a tough day on the job feels like, look back at seven other men who had meltdowns of magnificence. Only theirs come with video.

Defending the Desk

It seems like no big deal: A co-worker helps a man pick up some papers he knocked to the floor. Then things get interesting, as the fellow with the fallen documents starts throwing an exciting array of items at a variety of people (yes, this does include his computer)...

Printer Error!

Who hasn't been frustrated by an office printer? And who hasn't felt like his computer was conspiring against him? This man responds in a way that is utterly insane... yet somehow makes perfect sense.

A Passion for the Game

He may never manage in the majors, but minor-league skipper Phillip Wellman taught the big leaguers a thing or two when he threw a tantrum that becomes performance art. And we're not just talking about the Al Green in the background — wait till he starts paying tribute to our troops...

Strike Swiftly

This entire clip runs barely thirty seconds, but that's all the time you need to see an office drone go from "stationary" to kicking your ass...

Trouble in Taiwan

"A ruling party lawmaker threw a shoe at the speaker of Taiwan's legislature." Thus it begins, and soon Taiwan's government proves there is no better tactic for winning a debate than indiscriminate violence. Feel better about our Congress now?

Heads Up!

More violent things have happened on the playing field, but never anything quite this surreal. Witness the end of the career of the legendary Zinedine Zidane in the 2006 World Cup final, decimating France's chances of victory but letting the world know he really does not appreciate you mentioning his sister.

Christian Bale: A Professional

Do not adjust the lights when Christian Bale is acting (particularly when he's performing in work as sophisticated as Terminator Salvation). Besides teaching us a valuable lesson in set decorum, he provides vocals for one killer dance mix:

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