Woman Pregnant with 2 Babies Due a Week Apart WTF?

The chances of this happening are one in 5 million.

A Utah woman is pregnant with two babies, due at two different times. [via]

Angie Cromar says her first ultrasound surprised both her and her doctor.

She discovered she was pregnant with two babies at two slightly different stages of development -- about four days apart.

"[He said] I'm five weeks and four days in one, and six weeks and one day in the other."

She knew she was born with the rare condition called didelphys, meaning two uteruses. It was never an issue in her other pregnancies, but this time she conceived in both.

The chances of this happening are one in 5 million.

Her doctor says less than 100 double pregnancies like this have been reported worldwide.

Cromar, a labor and delivery nurse, knows the rarity can bring about complications like pre-term labor and low birth weight.

She says she's a little nervous but also very excited.

Cromar is now 20 weeks along.

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