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We all need a little help now and then becoming the people we truly want to be, and there are few people more able to help us than ourselves. If you're looking for some tools to help you nurse yourself back to health, break bad habits or just generally be a better person, check out this collection of resources. In it, you'll find tools and information that can help you help yourself no matter what you want to change about your life.

Personal Development

Check out these resources to learn about yourself and make a change for the better.

  1. My Inner World: This interactive site lets you explore many aspects of your personality to let you get to know who you really are and what you want.
  2. Personal Development Program: Here you'll find the plans for a personal development program that can help you change your life week by week.
  3. The Big Five Personality Test: Take this psychology test to find out what your personality is really like.
  4. Writing Prompts: Learn how to get out your feelings and work through issues using journaling with this tool.
  5. Self-Awareness Tests: Become more self-aware by going through this series of questions.
  6. My Self-Development: This site is full of articles, tools and support to help you make the changes you want to see in your life.
  7. Find a wide range of resources to help you improve yourself, from starting your own business to being a better partner.
  8. The Change Blog: Do you want to make a change in your life? Check out this blog for tips and advice on how to do it.
  9. Grow My Mind: This site offers a wide range of tools and articles for self improvement and personal development.

Mental Health

These tools will help you keep your mind in shape.

  1. Mind Exercise Puzzles: Choose from puzzles like sudoku, logic puzzles and more to give your brain a workout on this site.
  2. Mental If you're struggling with depression or another mental health disorder, don't go through it alone. Tap into the resources on this site for assistance.
  3. Live Your Life Well: This site is full of ways to help you live well, reduce stress, and be positive.
  4. One Finger Meditation Tool: Try out this tool to improve your meditation skills.
  5. Meditation Timers: Here you can find timers that will monitor how long you've been meditating so your mind can be elsewhere.
  6. BrainMetrix: Give your brain the workout it needs to stay healthy through this site.
  7. Neurobics: This site will teach you what neurobics are and how to use them.
  8. BrainCurls: Check out this resource for loads of fun games that will keep your brain in top form.
  9. NIMH: You'll find a large number of resources on mental health through this site.


If you've been battling to lose weight and get fit, try out one of these helpful tools.

  1. Calculate Your BMI: Use this site to find out if your body mass is within the healthy range.
  2. FitDay: Here you'll find a useful fitness and weight loss journal to help you stay on track.
  3. SparkPeople: This community site can help you track how much you eat and when you work out.
  4. NutriDiary: Keep track of what you're eating to help yourself lose weight using this site.
  5. PeerTrainer: Need some help getting motivated to work out? This site can help.
  6. Calorie King: See just how many calories are in that fast food, or anything else, using this tool.
  7. ExRx: If you're looking to learn more about your muscle groups and what exercises will work them, reference this site.
  8. Nutrition Data: Do you know what you're really eating? This site can tell you so you can make healthier choices.
  9. DietFacts: Make sure you're getting the right foods for your body by looking up what you're eating on this site.
  10. Weight Loss Calculators: Livestrong offers this calculator that can help you figure out how many calories you should be eating if you want to lose weight.


These tools can help you to finally meet your career goals.

  1. This site is full of tools and articles to help you improve your career, become more productive and fulfill your goals.
  2. Illuminated Mind: Stop being ordinary and start being extraordinary with a little help from this site.
  3. Monster Quizzes: Take these quizzes from to learn more about your career goals and potential.
  4. Career Toolkits: This site offers help with careers, school information, finding jobs and more for a wide range of careers.
  5. Career OneStop: Find out what careers are right for you, find resources to pursue them, and determine what education you need on this site.
  6. Manager Tools: You'll find an excellent collection of podcasts on this site that can help you to become a better leader.
  7. Quint Career Tools: Quint offers career tests, job tools and a wide range of informative articles on this site to help you with your career.
  8. Are you getting paid what you should? This tool can help you figure out what salary you should be aiming for.
  9. Career Assessment Tools: These quizzes and tests will help you to determine if you're on the right career path.


If debt is your problem, these financial tools can help you learn to get your spending under control.

  1. Mint: Try out Mint to monitor your finances and create a budget.
  2. Wesabe: Get support and help with managing your money from the Wesabe community.
  3. Zecco Share: If you want to learn more about investing, check out this online community.
  4. Billmonk: Make sure your bills are always paid on time with this financial tracking tool.
  5. Money Trackin: This site will help you ensure you stay on a budget and spend smart.
  6. Debt Management Tools and Calculators: Consumer Credit Counseling offers a number of quizzes and calculators here to help you understand and deal with your debt.
  7. Simpli.Fi: Need a little financial advice? Check out this site for help on everything from planning a vacation to planning for retirement.
  8. VirginMoneyUS: Looking for a little help starting your business? You may be able to find it here.
  9. Saving for a Goal: This calculator will help you determine how to save for a goal you have in mind.


These tools will help you to set and meet your personal goals.

  1. The Goals Grid: Here you'll find a basic grid that can get you started achieving the things you want and avoiding the things you don't.
  2. Joe's Goals: This easy to use site makes it simple to keep track of your progress towards your goals.
  3. MyProgress: From finances to knowledge, you can track your progress as you go with this site.
  4. eLifePlans: Create a life plan for yourself and track it as you meet your goals with eLifePlans.
  5. GoalsOnTrack: Purchase this program to help track your goals, create action plans and ensure you're spending your time wisely.
  6. 8Goals: This site lets you set your goals, track your progress and feel good about yourself when you complete things.
  7. My Life Changes: Sign up for this site to find a community and help with making big life changes.
  8. Goal Setting Toolkit: Success Begins Today offers this simple, printable goal setting toolkit.
  9. Mind of Champions: Get tips on taking action, thinking big and setting goals on this site.


No matter what you're addicted to, you'll find help through these tools.

  1. Stanley Peele Addiction Website: Here you will find not only a book recommendation but advice from author Stanley Peele on battling your addiction.
  2. Discovery Health Addiction Tools: These quizzes, worksheets and interactive tools will help you quit drinking, smoking or doing drugs.
  3. Alcohol Addiction Self-Assessment Tools: Do you fear that you could be an alcoholic? Answer these questions honestly to find out.
  4. Help Yourself Addiction Tools: Learn about addiction, find help groups and test yourself on this site.
  5. Personal Recovery Tools: No matter what you're struggling with you'll find help with your addiction on this site.
  6. Recovery Lane: Find wisdom, advice and help with addiction on this site.
  7. Addiction Blog: This blog offers posts to help improve the health of your mind and body after addiction.
  8. Addiction Recovery Blog: Get help and advice on getting into recovery and getting on with your life in this blog.
  9. Alcoholics Anonymous: This well-known group could be the first step in helping you beat alcohol addiction.
  10. Addiction Recovery Guide: Here you will find information on a number of addiction recovery programs.


Get some tips and tools for improving your relationships through these sites.

  1. Discovery Health Relationship Tools: Find tests and quizzes on this site to help you be a better partner.
  2. The Toolbox: Find a wide range of resources on emotional and relationship health on this blog.
  3. ADD Relationship Tools: If you have ADD, you can learn how to be a better and more attentive partner here.
  4. Get some tips on healing your relationship with these tools.
  5. Relationship Help: This help guide offers some good advice on making your love last.
  6. The Top Ten Best Tools for Improving Relationships at Home AND Work: Read this article to learn how to be a better communicator at both work and home.
  7. Sexual Health Center: Learn about sex in marriage, STDs and other sexual issues that can affect your relationships here.
  8. Better Relationships Through Meditation: This site will teach you how meditation can help your relationship.
  9. Relationship Guide: Need some help and advice on relationships? This blog can be a great starting point.


Learn how to get in touch with your spiritual side and use it to help you make a change with a little assistance from these tools.

  1. Livestrong Spirituality: Go through this article to more fully explore your spiritual side.
  2. Meditation Warrior: Here you will find a number of guided meditations to try.
  3. Journey With Spirit: There are several healing tool kits offered on this site to help you feel better spiritually.
  4. BeliefNet: Explore faiths of all kinds on this site.
  5. Spirituality and Self-Help: Learn how to help yourself through your spirituality on this blog.
  6. HigherAwareness: This site will teach you how to grow as a person through higher awareness.
  7. Read a wide range of articles on spirituality through this site.
  8. What's Your Spiritual Type: Discover your spiritual type, regardless of religion, on this site.
  9. Spirituality and Practice: Here, you'll find a wide range of resources for your personal spiritual journey.

Time Management

Reduce your stress and get your life in order with the help of these time management tools.

  1. 30Boxes: Track what you need to get done each month using this helpful calendar and to-do list tool.
  2. Time Tracker: This simple tool will let you know how long you're spending browsing the web.
  3. Rescue Time: If you're serious about getting more done, try out this tool to help you keep distractions at bay.
  4. NowDoThis: This site is a simple way to help you make a to-do list.
  5. Mind42: Map out your thoughts and figure out what you need to do using this great mind-mapping software.
  6. Todoist: Stay organized and on task with a little help from this tool.
  7. GoogleCalendar: Try out Google Calendar to lay out what you have to do and when you have to do it.
  8. Stop Distractions: This program will put an end to time wasted surfing the web.
  9. MeeTimer: This tool will let you see how much time you spend procrastinating versus working.


No matter what you're struggling with, it likely comes with a heaping portion of stress. Learn how to cut back on stress and live happier with these tools.

  1. Stress Control Tools That Start With the Heart: Use these tools to reduce your stress and keep your heart healthy.
  2. Anger Management Skills and Techniques: If you have trouble dealing with your anger issues, try out some of these tools for help.
  3. Relaxation Tools: Here you'll find some helpful tools to make it easier for you to relax.
  4. Stress Relief Tools: Get a leg up on your stress relief by trying out one of these tools.
  5. Tranquility Is Yours: This site is full of articles and tips to help you relax and reduce stress. Try out one of the videos for some soothing noise and images.
  6. Relaxation Tools for Health: This PsychCentral article offers some great techniques for relaxation.
  7. Your Relaxation Toolkit: Learn to tame your tension with some help from this article.
  8. Massage and Relaxation Tools: This article will teach you all about the different kinds of massage tools out there and how they can help you to relax.

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