Top 10 Lies about Scientology That You Don’t Know About

10. Scientology utilizes scientifically proven technology for all processes, including the Oxford Capability Analysis given to the public for free.
Any scientific study released has only disproved Scientology. Scientology says it has its own studies but does not reveal them. The Oxford Capability Analysis, a personality test, has no relation with Oxford University. [via happen]

9. Scientology claims to have 8 million members worldwide and this number is continuing to rise.
The president of Scientology refuses to provide an accurate number and uses 8 million continuously to include anyone who has visited a Scientology office or even taken a personality test. Many Scientology offices are closing or moving to smaller offices, which suggests the number of people is decreasing.

8. Scientology does not hold people against their will.
There are in fact dozens of allegations of false imprisonment and fraud activity.

7. Scientology claims to be compatible with other religions, including Christianity, and can be practiced by anyone.
Writings from L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, claim that Christ is a mythical figure and a child-molester.

6. Scientology can cure diseases through prescribing vitamins and a process called “auditing.”
The US Federal government prosecuted Scientology for making health claims that are false. Scientology can no longer make any health claims.

5. Scientology can help you get rid of psychological problems that cause the diseases that can in turn be cured by auditing.
E-meters used during auditing are like lie-detectors and results are not shown to the subject, only the auditor can determine if the subject has reacted to the stimulus given. Then, the subject is given exercises to get rid of the reaction and have improved control over his life.

4. Scientology is not a money-making business.
Scientology spends money advertising itself, pays commission to its salesmen, and spends money suing critics. Most countries do not give scientology tax breaks because they consider it a money-making business. Scientology leaders charge thousands of dollars for auditing sessions.

3. Scientologists are not involved in the harassment of critics, such as filing lawsuits against its critics.
Scientology has filed more lawsuits against critics in one day than most churches have in their entire history. The way Scientologists are supposed to deal with critics is outlined by founder Ron Hubbard.

2. Scientologists are being killed by German persecutors like the Jews were during the Holocaust.
There are no reports of German persecutors killing scientologists.

1. Scientology gets the same tax break as any other religion and nothing more.
Scientology gets more tax breaks than any other religion. Scientology classes are tax-deductible while Sunday school is not.

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