17 of the Most Awkward Celebrity Television Moments

Most celebrities are superstars when they read from a script. But when put on the spot by interviewers, some fumble with words, get aggravated, and some times go ape shit crazy. Take a look at the most awkward celebrity moments on television. [via]

Carrie Prejean

After a battle with the Miss USA officials, a settlement was made. But no matter how much Larry King poked at the subject, it seemed Prejean used “confidential” as the excuse for every question thrown at her about the subject. It eventually lead to her leaving the show.

Paula Abdul

Rumors are that Paula Abdul didn’t have coke in her drinks on Idol. This clip from her interview with Fox News backups the statement as she goes on the show blatantly wasted.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is an advocate about prohibiting the use of medication for depression, ADD, and other mental illnesses. Matt and Tom got in a heated debate that obviously pushed Cruise over the edge throwing ridiculous statements in the air.

While Cruise might advocate not using pills for mental illnesses, it seemed like Cruise was using a bit himself. Tom was practically jumping off the walls on Oprah’s show. It might have been funny at first, but after a while, it was moronic and awkward.

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart says he watches the show everyday, yet despises it. He gives the two a lecture while on the show, and what was suppose to be them drilling him got turned around quite quickly. In summary, he made them look like fools.

Kanye West

While Mike Myers had very elegant words that were twisted together like a woven mitten, Kanye stumbled through his speech ending it with his belief that Bush hates Black people.

Jim Rome vs. Jim “Chris” Everett

Jim Rome had the nerve to call Jim Everett, Chris Everett, to his face. Everett then bet him he wouldn’t call him that again. Let’s just say it didn’t work out to well for Rome.

Tom Green

Word of advice for those who plan on appearing on Tom Green’s Show: Don’t screw with his desk. A musician appeared on his show and chopped up his desk with a chainsaw. Green’s response was less than pleasant.

Mike Tyson

Someone must have taken a bite out of Mike Tyson’s ear too. His inability to answer the questions, but rather give all praise to Allah, was quite remarkable. He is the greatest.

Matt Damon

Jimmy Kimmel had the nerve to bring Matt Damon on his show yet again, to then end it before the interview even began. Did Kimmel not see Bourne? Hasn’t he learned not to get Matt Damon angry?

Ashlee Simpson

Stirring all types of controversy, Ashlee Simpson was caught lip syncing during her live performance on Saturday Night Live. After the show, rather than blaming the sound producers, she blamed her band for playing the wrong song. I bet they didn’t give her any kind words on the bus that night.

Tyra Banks

Tyra is known for ability to make normal situations extra awkward. We’re pretty confident she thought of this “genius” skit to open her show, told the producer, and horrified her guests with a less than funny skit.

After one of the contestants laughed as someone else was voted off, Tyra went ape shit on her ass. She yelled at her like a child, when the truth of the matter was, that the girl was simply trying the hide her emotions.

Erik Hartman

In a very serious show about medical conditions, Erik Hartman couldn’t stop laughing when his guest, who had suffered from vocal chord damage, had a very high pitched voice. It wasn’t just a chuckle either. Hartman couldn’t control himself the entire show. The rude behavior eventually lead to his termination.


You can always count on Shaq for the best quotes and interviews in the NBA, all sports for that matter. After a game where the officiating was less than satisfactory, Shaq didn’t hold back his comments about it, dropping the f bomb on national television.

Pete Rose

Known for his betting scandal, Pete Rose lives in a “Prison Without Bars,” a book he wrote. After being put on the All Century Team, Jim Gray gave Rose an opening to admit to his bets on baseball. Rose was less than pleased with Gray’s tenacity for asking it.

Joe Namath

Joe Namath has a drinking problem, and showcased just that with his sideline interview. Namath rambled some moronic lines out of his slurred speech.

Joaquin Phoenix

For the last few years, Joaquin Phoenix has been off the map doing who knows what. Just after his last movie, Phoenix got on the Letterman show with his new look. The interview was more than awkward. Take a look for yourself.

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