13 Retro Products That Failed To Catch On [pics]

New inventions are tricky. The right idea can earn you millions and change peoples' day-to-day lives. The wrong idea will either be left in the dust or worse - become the butt of the joke for years to come. For every post-it note or paperclip, there's an egg-cuber or sauna pants. Below we celebrate retro products that never quite caught on. Whether because they were impractical, ridiculous, or downright dangerous, we can be glad these items didn't really stick around.

1. The Egg Cuber

Gotta love the straight-forward approach with this one: "Makes a square egg."

2. Wonder Sauna Hot Pants

Two questions: One, how does this work? Two, where can we get a pair?

3. Thirsty Dog Pet Water

What's more ridiculous? Beef-flavored water for your dog, or this cat's amazing reaction to the bottle?

4. 80's Sun Pod

Thankfully this 80's prototype never caught on. In theory it was for those seeking peace and quiet on the beach, but in practice it would basically be a human oven.

5. "Prankster" Trapping Fire Box

Oh, we get it. Pulling the fire alarm as a prank is a crime punishable by death. Great Idea!

6. Pop Beverage For Cats

Again with the drinks for pets? These would have probably sold better if everyone who owned a pet was also a moron.

7. The Molby Revolving Hammock

We know this looks like a medieval torture device, but it claimed to "make the spine young." We like to be healthy and all, but we'll pass on the paralyzation machine, thank you.

8. Crystal Pepsi

Ah, Crystal Pepsi. The avant-guard soda couldn't stand a chance against the trademark brown cola people had known for decades. Nice try though, Pepsi.

9. Clairol 'Touch Of Yogurt' Shampoo

Yeah we're not surprised this one didn't exactly fly off the shelves. Who's looking at her hair saying, "You know what my hair needs? Live cultures and dairy!"

10. Hot Dr. Pepper

Excuse us? Did you just actually suggest we take Dr. Pepper and heat it up on the stove? Listen magazine ad, either this was a terrible idea that never took off or the world has been keeping a bizarre and delicious secret from us.

11. Family Fun Fitness Gaming Set

Looks like the Wii Fit came a little before its time. This earlier similar device from Bandai didn't catch on.

12. Rush Hour Reading Glasses

While these glasses are supposed to make reading on a crowded train easier, they also make not looking like an idiot harder.

13. Plastic Oven

What was the appeal of this? Because we're pretty sure having your oven melt would trump any benefit they could come up with. [via hp]

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