Scared of water and/or heights? This is NOT for you

Careful Not to Backstroke Over the Edge of  Singapore

55 stories up, this infinity pool could glide you straight over the edge of Singapore, if not the world. It's part of the $6 billion Marina Bay Sands Skypark hotel, which just opened this week.

Ok, so if you were really to propel yourself over the edge, you'd fall into a catchment-area which sends the excess water straight back into the pool. But where's the fun in that? The pool itself is three times the length of an Olympic-sized pool, and is the largest pool in the world at that height reportedly. [via gizomodo]

Another world record has been broken, with the hotel also becoming the most expensive hotel—knocking Abu Dhabi's Emirates Palace Hotel off it pedestal, which cost a measly $3 billion to build back in 2004.

The pool runs across three of the hotel's towers, which feature indoor canals, casinos, shops, theaters and a museum. As well as the hotel rooms you'd expect. Don't expect to be staying here on your next visit to Singapore though, as entrance to the casino alone costs $70. [La Repubblica via DesignBoom]

UPDATE: Apparently the casino charge is only to residents of Singapore, whose government wishes to deter them from gambling. Foreigners can enter the casino for free—though to look off the observation deck, that'll cost $20.

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