Five Ways To Tell You're Eating Americanized Mexican Food

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This is what passed for Mexican food in my East Coast childhood home in 1985.

The United States is littered from sea to shining sea with places that pass themselves off as Mexican food. Most of the people who work there have probably never been to Mexico or eaten real Mexican food as it's served in Mexico. That's not to say that eating occasionally at the El Toritos of the world is a bad thing, but it's best to go in knowing what to expect. So how do you tell if you're at a real Mexican place or an Americanized facsimile?

1. Fajitas

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They don't exist in Mexico. Not only do they not exist in Mexico, they didn't exist in the United States until the 1960s. The story about fajitas being named for the cut of meat (skirt steak) used in their creation would go over better if the Mexican Spanish name for the cut (one of the few cuts that is common between Mexican and American beef production) weren't arrachera. Arracheritas, anyone?

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