50 Excellent Chrome Extensions

Basics [via aoc]

These extensions will help make Chrome more secure, allow you to change your tabs, or make it easier to browse.

  1. RSS Subscription: Add this extension to Chrome to make subscribing to a blog’s RSS feed super simple with an icon that appears right in the address box.
  2. Google Mail Checker: Here you’ll find a tool that gives you a small icon for your Chrome toolbar letting you know when you’ve got new mail in your Gmail account.
  3. Visual Tabs: This extension makes looking at tabs a more visual experience, laying them out in a similar fashion to the display found in your iTunes library.
  4. Tab Jump: Here you’ll find an extension that makes it simple to jump between all the different tabs you have open and even those you just closed.
  5. WOT: It’s hard to know which sites are trustworthy and which will infect your computer or rip you off. This tool makes it easier by letting you know the dangers that lurk on the sites that you visit.
  6. Docs PDF/ Powerpoint Viewer: This extension makes it simple to look at PDFs and PowerPoints on the web by bringing them directly into Google Documents.
  7. LastPass: Never get locked out of your important accounts again with this free and functional extension that manages your passwords and fills out forms for you.
  8. IE Tab Classic: While Chrome is a great browser, some websites just don’t work right in it. Use this IE tab to remedy the problem.
  9. Vertical Tabs: Change how you use your tabs by getting this extension that lets you move them vertically rather than horizontally.
  10. Mini Google Maps: You’ll never have to wonder where something is again with this extension that lets you get a mini-map of any location.

Educational Tools

Try out these extensions to learn more and keep your information organized.

  1. Google Dictionary: Simply highlight any word on a website when you have this extension and you can get a definition right there. Better yet, it’s available in multiple languages.
  2. Polyglot: If you want to test your langauge skills for class or just for your own intiative, this extension translates part of your website to a different langauge. Not sure what it says? Mouse over it for the translation.
  3. Chromey Calculator: Need a quick calculation? This extension makes it simple to find out just about any mathmatical answer in seconds.
  4. Google Translate: Sometimes the information you need will be in languages you don’t speak but with this extension you can translate it instantly.
  5. myNotes: Try out this extension to keep notes about your web surfing and research readily at hand.
  6. Note Anywhere: Put stickies all over the web to help you with research, tasks you need to do, or anything else using this extension.
  7. ChromePad: With this extension you can leave quick notes to yourself for to-dos, projects, and more right in your browser.
  8. French Word of the Day: Add this extension onto your browser to help improve your French language vocabulary.

Web-Based Research

Make finding the information you need on the web a snap with these great extensions.

  1. Evernote Web Clipper: This tool makes it simple to share and save any cool or useful websites you come accross while browsing.
  2. Session Buddy: If you’ve got to stop your research to go to class or meet friends, don’t start all over. Use this extension to simply save your entire Chrome session.
  3. Diigo Web Highlighter and Bookmark: Try out this extension for some help when doing online research. You’ll be able to highlight pages, tag interesting content and leave yourself sticky notes.
  4. Google Similar Pages: Make it simple to find similar content on the web by using this extension. You’ll be able to quickly see similar pages and flip through them while browsing or doing research.
  5. Wikipedia: Using this extension, you’ll be able to more easily look for information on Wikipedia.
  6. Snippy: Grab small snippets of web pages and save them in Google Docs using this tool.
  7. GradeGuru Citation Manager: It doesn’t have to be hard to manage your references and citations for a paper when you use an extension like this.
  8. Email This Page: Use this extension to more easily share fun or interesting web pages with others or send them to yourself for use later.

Productivity and Time Management

These extensions will help ensure you’re using your time wisely.

  1. ChromeMilk: If you use the productivity site Remember the Milk, this extension will allow you to bring your to-do list right into your browser.
  2. RemindMe: If you’ve got tasks you can’t afford to miss, try out this extension. It will let you know when it’s time to stop working or browsing and get to where you need to be.
  3. Tab With Clock: Want to know how long you’re spending on certain time-wasting sites? This extension gives you a little clock on each tab that will let you know how long you’ve had each open.
  4. StayFocusd: Do you have trouble avoiding getting distracted while working on your computer? This tool can help, blocking certain sites that are your biggest time sinks.
  5. Rescue Time: This tool lets you find out just what sites you are wasting the most time on.
  6. Things To Do: Every time you open a new tab you’ll get access to your to-do list and get reminded of the tasks you need to take care of using this extenson.
  7. Google Calendar Checker: Make sure you rememeber all the important information you’ve put on your calendar by trying out this extension that checks and lists your tasks for the day and how much time you have left to do them.
  8. Google Tasks: This tool lets you more effectively use Google Tasks to keep track of all the projects, homework and reading you need to get done.
  9. Incredible StartPage: There’s no need to navigate between several different productivity sites when you use this start page that links you to notepad, your Google accounts, to-dos and more.
  10. Google Chrome Dual View: If you’re working on something that requires looking at two sites at once, this tool can help to make you more productive by splitting your Chrome window into two.
  11. My Shortcuts: This shortcut extension lets you easily create a new Google Doc, Calendar event or Email right from a browser pull-down.

Fun and Social

What would college be without a little fun, too? These extensions will let you talk to friends, listen to music and play games.

  1. Last FM Music Player: Bring your Last.fm account right into Chrome using this tool that integrates your playlists into your browser and plays music in the background.
  2. Chromed Bird: Make sure you never miss a tweet with this tool that adds a small Twitter icon to your toolbar letting you know when new updates are posted.
  3. Cooliris: This cool tool transforms your browser into a 3-D wall that lets you search, view and share the web content you like in style.
  4. Sports Scoreboard: Track your college basketball team’s performance using this fun extension for Chrome.
  5. Fast Typer: Help boost your typing skills by installing this typing game on your browser.
  6. Panic Button: Having a bad day? Hit the panic button for a laugh.
  7. Facebook: This extension lets you know when you have messages or updates on Facebook.
  8. Flixster Movies: Want to go see a movie or find out what will be out soon? This extension makes it simple.
  9. Google Share Button: This extension button makes it simple to share webpages of interest with those in your social networks, via email or on your blog.
  10. Shareaholic: When you use this extension you’ll get the option to share a web resource with people on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Evernote and more.
  11. Google Talk Browser: Those who use Gtalk to keep in touch with friends and family can try out this tool that lets them access their chat right from the main browser.
  12. Blog This!: Post to your Blogger account with ease using this extension.
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