26 Hilariously Inaccurate Toy Knock-Offs

knock-off toyForeign knock-offs of American toys often wind up inadvertently parodying them; the low production value of a zombie-esque 'Spader-Man' and hilarious typos resulting from poor translation can almost make a toy more entertaining than the real version. Almost. Here are 26 hilariously inaccurate knock-off toys from around the world. [via urlesque]

Skateboarding Super Bat
Politic Pat doesn't sound like much fun.
Polystation, the cheap and poorly reviewed Playstation knock-off.
Robert Cop
It's better than Malignant Girl.
Space of the Apes
knock-off toy
Nightmare Feddy has a really bad case of astigmatism.
Pocket Monica: Jump Jupm Chess
Laser Sword
Titanic-Bot would have saved so many lives.
Phone Kitty
Super Change
Da He: A Snowstorm Can Be Exciting
Pet's Little Intelligent Spirit.
To Children: Please Go To Collect!
the Little SMART SPIRIT!
Zone Power Of Spinning
Super Robot: Transformable Tomas
knock-off toy
Funnt Toys
Pirate Cutlass: Pirates of the High Seas
Speed Racing: Handsome Appearance
Blandness Girl
Tickle Elmo -- He Is HOT Too !!!
knock-off toy

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