10 Examples of why you shouldn’t overload your vehicle.

Ever see a pick-up truck or van rolling down the street with a bit too much cargo loaded up? I have, and it’s a pretty hairy sight. When people load up their vehicles they sometimes forget that cars and trucks have specific load ratings that are there for not only their safety, but for the safety of those around them. Cars and trucks are pretty heavy duty machines capable of wonderful things, but they do rely on human input to make them function and work correctly. Take intelligence and common sense for example, these two aspects of our personality generally keep us out of trouble, but what if they stopped working – what would happen then? Listed below are 10 examples of individuals who threw caution to the wind when packing up their rides.

1. Hector finally realized that he may have gone a little overboard with his packing when he exceeded Mazda’s recommended height limit of 21 feet.

Mazda Overload

2. Determined to move all his worldly possessions in one fail swoop, Cletus threw caution to the wind and went for it!


3. Dude… I can totally fit this in the Tempo.

4. Always the innovator, Jim was determine to sell Craftsman on his new multi-use tool bench.

5. After winning The Biggest Loser, Robby decided to donate all his old clothes to the poor.

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