Vehicle falls 700 ft, all six aboard survive!

A vehicle tumbled 700 feet off a cliff in Massachusetts over the weekend and miraculously all six people aboard survived. [via yahoo]

Kurt Wolfard, 29, a mechanic from Crown Heights, Brooklyn, was among the six survivors of the frightening 700-foot plunge.

"We're the luckiest people on the planet right now. Everyone there was calling it an Easter miracle," the New York Daily News quoted Wolfard as saying.

The accident took place when Wolfard and the others decided to go out for a late-night joyride into the woods near South Hadley, Mass.

With Wolfard were his sister-in-law Chloe Reynolds, 27, and her boyfriend, Greg Wilson, 28, both of Bedford-Stuyvesant.

The crew, all there for the holiday weekend, piled into the old all-terrain vehicle to head to a nearby cliff for the view.

"We all agree now that it was a dumb thing to do, acknowledging they had been drinking. We weren't planning on driving off a cliff," said Wolfard. (ANI)

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