Glow in the dark toliet paper [video]

The bizarre invention looks like a standard loo roll during the day, but gives off a fluorescent glow when the lights are turned off.

A single roll costs £4.99 on I Want One of Those, a website that specialises in selling light-hearted gadgets. This compares with a standard roll, which costs about a tenth of that price at between 45p and 55p, depending on the quality.

But it has been welcomed as more than a bit of fun by some people, who insist it might the be the answer to their prayers.

ChipChick, a blog dedicated to technology news for women, gives the loo roll a glowing review. "It is actually the most useful glow–in-the-dark product ever. If you plan on going camping, make sure you take a couple of these rolls with you. This way you’ll be properly prepared, should you find that the call of nature visits you in the middle of night in the cold dark woods."

It could also help people who visit the bathroom in the middle of the night but do not want to turn on the light and wake up someone else.

The rolls were invented by Daniel Blackman, who works in product development for Thumbs Up, a gift company. The loo roll contains phosphors, which sustains a glow after exposure to energized particles such as light.

The invention comes hot on the heels of Waitrose's cashmere loo roll, which claimed to offer the bottom line in comfort and went on sale earlier this month.

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