Can I travel from one country to the other with a DUI charge?

A person who has just been arrested and charged with DUI is bound to have dozens of questions and confusions related to drunk driving laws in the country and how those laws will affect their daily lives. Having such concerns is valid and in fact, if you have been charged with DUI (Driving Under the Influence) and are awaiting your court trial, then you should know exactly how these charges will affect your normal routine such as your career, your mobility, your auto-insurance, your ability to keep your appointments, your future career opportunities etc, not to forget that these are just some of the things that you will need to keep in mind while dealing with a DUI charge in your everyday life.

This is another reason why you will require legal services that can guide and inform you about every little detail regarding your drunk driving case and its implications. Knowing all of this is important because having DUI charges on your record or a DUI conviction on your record can have a huge impact on your life, which should be taken into consideration. There will also be many small punishments or consequences of having a DUI conviction that may not have been made clear to you by the court or by the law but which will directly or indirectly, eventually affect you. Your DUI attorney can better guide you in this matter.

One of these certain indirect punishments or consequences of a DUI conviction is international traveling or rather limited international traveling. Most people, after getting convicted for DUI do not take this limitation into account but the fact is that this can prove to be a very inconvenient limitation if you have to travel for a business, family emergency or even for a much needed vacation. The fact of the matter is that once you have a criminal offense on your public record, many countries will be hesitant to allow you to visit them and some countries may even restrict your entry depending upon the type of your criminal offense.

Many countries around the world will use any type of crime as a reason to restrict or limit your entry into their country. Most DUI offenses are misdemeanors which are characterized by a court sentence of up to one year in jail, driver’ license suspension, and fines which do not involve damage to life or property. Even though misdemeanors are the most commonly occurring type of DUI offense, still such DUI offenders may find themselves with a limited entry into a particular country and their entry can also be restricted for a few years before they are allowed to visit. For DUI offenders with multiple convictions, traveling internationally will be more of a problem; depending upon the nature of their offenses and their frequency; they may be entirely restricted from visiting a particular country or their entry will be restricted for a particular time before they are allowed. A particular country can completely ban your entry for any reason whatsoever, if your DUI offense was a felony that is, if it involved damage to life or property and which involved penalties of a much longer jail sentence and a longer driver’s license suspension.

Remember that the conditions of your international travel will depend exclusively on the laws and regulations of that particular country relating to drunk driving crimes and offenses. Therefore, before you plan an international trip with a DUI offense on your public record, you will have to check up with your DUI attorney concerning the laws of that country and the method of your application for permission to enter that country. You should also note that certain countries like Canada will consider any sort of crime an offense and will bar your entry based on the existence of a crime on your public record irrespective of the nature of that crime. The good thing about this whole issue is that your DUI lawyer will also cover this concern of international travel for you in addition to your DUI case and DUI charges. Nevertheless, you should understand that international travel is an issue for which you will require assistance from a reliable source. So for these and other issues regarding your DUI charges like Arizona DUI lawyer, visit MyDUIAttorney for immediate assistance.

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