25 Ridiculous Inventions [pics]

With our advanced brain and opposable thumbs, mankind, without a doubt, rules the world. Using these two great characteristics, we have come up with many wonderful things that have contributed to the development of civilizations. Sometimes, though, the creative process becomes a seemingly weird mix of strange genius, lack of common sense, skills, and perhaps alcohol. The result: ridiculous inventions. [via elistmania]

1. Baby Toupee

Baby Toupee

Because it's never too early to make your child feel like Donald Trump.

2. Doggles


I think my dog will hate me if I make him wear these.

3.To Do Tattoo

To Do Tattoo

What's wrong with writing the list on a piece of paper?

4. Motorized Cone

Motorized Cone

Some people are just too lazy to rotate their cone when eating ice cream. Hence, the motorized cone. Genius, right?

5. Wine Glass Holder Necklace

Wine Glass Holder Necklace

How do you walk with this hanging from your neck without spilling your wine?

6. Inflatable Toast

Inflatable Toast

Some of us are so unfortunate that we don't have big lunch bags. In fact, there are some of us that have no lunch bags. Thankfully, we have inflatable toasts that we can just stuff in our back pockets.

7. Infant Hand Pillow

Infant Hand Pillow

Okay, how freaky are those things?

8. Time Beam

Time Beam

Or you can use your watch. That's cool, too.

9. Paper Email

Paper Email

Wow, there's even a BCC field!

10. Spaghetti Twirler

Spaghetti Twirler

Another wonderful product for the guy who can't rotate his own ice cream cone.

11. Plastic Wishbone

Plastic Wishbone

Why? I have absolutely no idea.

12. Tandem Toilet

Tandem Toilet

Will save your marriage and the environment. But like I said, no thank you.

13. Half Deck

Half Deck

I have always found card games boring. I feel that these will definitely make them more interesting.

14. DVD Rewinder

DVD Rewinder

How I was able to live years watching DVDs without a rewinder is beyond me.

15. Pratone Grass Chair

Pratone Grass Chair

You pay more than $14,000 for this. I think I'll just go and sit on my yard.

16. Finger Plate

Finger Plate

I wish they'd come up with a diamond-encrusted one to match my couture gown.

17. Global Warming Rug

Global Warming Rug

Now that is just depressing. Especially because I'm sure the polar bear will be terrorized by my cat.

18. Lap Pillow

Lap Pillow

If girls can have the boyfriend pillow, lonely guys can buy this.

19. Dribble Glass

Dribble Glass

Because normal glasses are just so boring.

20. Wrist Phone Carrier

Wrist Phone Carrier

Can you find anything more chic than that thing?

21. Immersion Scarf

Immersion Scarf

Because you will be so inconspicuous with this, no one will ever think of taking a peek at your phone's screen.

22. Boyfriend Arm Pillow

Boyfriend Arm Pillow

I don't know about you but I would be creeped out with this on my bed.

23. Flatulence Deodorizer

Flatulence Deodorizer

Apparently, this is VERY useful.

24. Beer Bra

Beer Bra

This is in production. I will be okay with this if they come up with a refrigerated beer bra.

25. Pillow Wig

Pillow Wig

I think I'll choose coffee over this.

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